Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter and a week of fun

This last week has been a whirl-wind and it is time for a catch up post! Last Sunday was Easter and I was too busy catching up on Kinley's Birthday posts that I did not even get a chance to post about Easter yet! It was such a great day. It was also Ben's Birthday! We went to Church at Compass and it was fantastic. Allison, Bob and Ella were there and we had all our matching elastic waist skirts that I had to make the night of Kinley's party! They turned out so cute though!
4.5.10 944
Then we went to Aunt Jan's to celebrate Easter and hunt eggs, which Kinley wanted to chew on constantly. It was a blast.
4.5.10 952
4.5.10 913
4.5.10 922
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
That night we went over to Ben's parents house to celebrate this guy! Even though he kinda got trumped this year with Kinley's first birthday and Easter all the same weekend....he was so wonderful. He never complained or was upset about it. He just loved celebrating it all. Happy Birthday honey! I love you!
4.5.10 939

Also, last week we went to the Zoo with a bunch of cute girls in matching dresses. Is it obvious we love the zoo around here? You can see more pics on lullaby lubbock. It was fantastic!
Finally we had went to a great suprise birthday party for Bryce Pool (who's 60th birthday it is today). It was so fun to hang with Allison, Bob and Ella again. I miss them already! No need to go back to Lubbock!

What a fun week! Let's see what this week has in store!


kristen said...

that is SOOOO FUN!! what a fantastic week! i love all the matching dresses and the zoo and kinley looks gorgeous in her matching skirt!! i love the navy seersucker. love it. and i love that pic of you and al at bryce's party!! that is so cute!!

Allison said...

It was such a fun week and I can't wait to do it again and again! I love that pic of us:)

Annap said...

I found your blog!!! And I have pretty much looked at all of your posts ha I love it!!! Loveyouu

Anonymous said...

Kinley is so precious! And it's clear that you are having so much fun being her Mom!


jojo said...

Thank you Lindsay for coming to the 60th birthday party. I wonder what Kinley would have done seeing Bryce with his crazy hair. Might have done her in since she is not a big fan of him!