Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Creede ski trip!

After a very short time at home on Dec 26th...we hopped in the car for a 14 hour drive to Creede, Colorado for a family ski trip! We grew up going to Wolf Creek to ski and have stayed in Creede at Aunt Jan and Uncle Jimmy's cabin for as long as I can remember. I absolutely love going is one of Ben's most favorite places in the entire world. It is remote and refreshing and fabulous! Kinley did pretty well in the car, as well as can be expected for a 9 month old. Thank goodness for the DVD player and her new Kai-Lan DVD's!!
1.6.10 001
Skiing was fantastic this year...tons of powder! It was snowing and freezing most of the time..but, we managed to stay warm and cover ourselves where not one part of our body was showing! Wolf Creek is said to have the most snow in Colorado..and I believe it! We can literally drive one hill over from the resort and it is bright and sunny..but, on the slopes it is bizzard-like.
christmas 2009 086
christmas 2009 085
In case you can't tell who's who...Bart, Olivia, Lauren (Bryan's GF), Bryan, Katie, Scott, Amy & Danny!
christmas 2009 074
It was Danny's first time skiing and he did a fantastic job!

On a day off from skiing, (notice the amazing weather away from the ski resort)we found this huge hill on Bachelor Loop up behind Creede that we decided would be a fantastic sledding hill...we might have been out of our minds. It took around 10 years to climb to the top...but, I hear once you got up there...the ride down was awesome! For us watchers...the view wasn't too shabby either!

1.1.10 Olivia's camera 324
Mom and Aunt Jan!
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 325
Amy & Danny in front of the hill...cute pic of the engaged couple!1.1.10 Olivia's camera 327
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 337
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 338
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 340
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 347
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 349

Despite all the amazing recreational entertainment...our absolute favorite thing to do is just be in the cabin and hang out with each other!
christmas 2009 005
I love this pic!
christmas 2009 007
christmas 2009 009
christmas 2009 006
Kinley, in her usual sitting position, is very excited about a story she is telling!
1.2.10 mom's camera 175
Kinley stayed warm in the cabin in this super cute polar bear outfit from Alex & Mendy!

Every night we play games...this trip consisted of Settlers of Catan, 7's, Scrabble, Scrabble Slam and Spinners! Here is a pick from a VERY fun game of spinners!

One of Ben's favorite things is that the deer come up directly to the house every night...probably does not help that we feed them apples and bread :-)
1.6.10 006
Ben was eyeing this one ALL WEEK!
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 351
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 379
Ben is trying to bait his buck.
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 388
Maybe Ben's favorite moment in LIFE ever!

Our last night there was New Year's Eve and we went to dinner at Blue Creek Lodge...and we sat in the John Wayne case you notice the fab decor!
1.2.10 mom's camera 180
1.2.10 mom's camera 182
christmas 2009 020
Kinley was staring constantly up at the waiter...hilarious!
1.2.10 mom's camera 187
Kinley dressed in her favorite food, and the only one she will eat, GREEN BEANS!

Thanks to Olivia, when it was time to party, we had amazing party hats and decor courtesy of Walgreens!
1.2.10 mom's camera 188
1.2.10 mom's camera 189
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 401
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 396
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 395
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 390
Kinley did not love the hats...she was also a bit tired.
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 402
We got a good laugh at this pic for a while...Ben looks awesome in this hat!
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 403
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 411
We divided up into 2 tables for a little New Year's Eve spinners games!
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 416
Team A Aunt Jan
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 417
Team B!!
This was such a fun trip! We always feel so blessed to go to Creede and be with our amazing family!
Thanks Grants!! We love you!

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