Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zoo Craziness

Friday we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo with this lovely family.
We had talked it up all week long to Kinley and Eden and they were SO excited about seeing the animals. In the future, I will probably NOT do that because that gave us zero option to turn around and leave once we saw the massive amounts of people that were also fighting to attend the zoo that day. I swear, it must have been a national take your school to the zoo day because there were, no doubt, 30-40 school buses and a 30 minute wait in your car just to park. I would have turned right around and picked another day to go to the zoo if I did not have two sweet angel girls in the back talking all about their favorite animals.

We took the wagon and pulled Eden and Kinley around while Jack pretty much slept like the perfect angel in his stroller the whole time.
Most of the pictures are the backs of these girls heads....so depressing for sweet Kinley because look at Eden's long, beautiful locks.
We did see some really fun animals. The white tigers played around right in front of the window the girls were looking through. They loved the monkeys...although Jen was quite concerned that they keep the gorilla sedated because he was so lethargic. The flamingos are a huge hit because they walk around right by you and make tons of noise. The elephants were playing with a big stick which they thought was cool.
But, the black bear was the topper this time. Every other time I have seen him he sits really far below the exhibit and you can't really see him. But, this time he jumped up on the rocks and was splishing and splashing in the water. The girls LOVED it.
We stopped for a snack at the Grandy's (which was devastatingly closed for good....so sad for me because I remember going to that Grandy's in like elementary school) and the girls just played and played in the safari truck and a big chair with cheeto faces.
Such a fun day and so exhausing that soon these sweet angels...
looked like this just trying to make it home.


The Brokaws said...


I love reading your blog! I think it's so cute. I have a couple questions for you 1. what program do you use on your mac to make your daughter's invites etc. 2. On her birthday banner how do you create scalloped edges?

Would you mind emailing me chris10dt@yahoo.com Thanks so much!

Natalie said...

Love these pics Linds! i am dying laughing about "thinking about turning around" once you saw the madness! A mommas gotta do what a mommas gotta do and you are a true example of that! I am posting pics of Luke at the zoo today too! xoxo

kristen said...

love these pics of those beautiful girls!! they are so cute together! what a fun day!!