Monday, April 11, 2011

And who says TV is bad???

I have been wanting to post this for over a month now but, I can never seem to remember to grab a video camera at the right time. Don't you hate that?!

About a month ago I was listening to Kinley talk in her car seat and I could not figure out what she was saying. After a while it sounded like she was counting to 10 in spanish. So I said Uno...and she said Dos and counted to 10 again! I was shocked. I do not count in Spanish at home ever (i know...shock) and I had no idea she knew how to do this.

I assumed they were teaching her at school. But, after checking with her teachers....and receiving some comment like "no...we teach them to count to 10 in english" my only conclusion was that she learned this from Dora. I really can't believe it. It is so funny. It is not like Dora even sits and counts to 10 in spanish over and over....but, somehow Kinley has picked it up.

She sometimes switches back and forth between english and spanish when she counts she will say "uno, dos, tres, four, five." so silly. She started counting in spanish in the backyard a few times today and of course when I got the video out she was a little distracted by wanting to watch it and I somehow cut off the very beginning...but, you get the gist.
So, who says watching TV is bad??? Maybe your kid will learn another language without you knowing.


Kristi said...

Aubrey does the same thing! She will throw out random Spanish like "vamanos" or "abre". Dora is awesome!

Honey said...

She just tickles me! Love her!

Jan said...

She'll be the brightest kid in her class!!! That's really amazing. Love it! and love her!

Camila said...

Mira! Que bueno! We speak almost no Spanish in the home...mostly because I speak my best Spanish after much wine and I try not to drink too much in front of the kids. HA! Super cute video!!