Thursday, April 21, 2011

an egg-stra special week

Today was Kinley's Easter Egg Hunt at school. We have been practicing hunting and hiding eggs a lot at home. I have a feeling this activity will last long past Easter. We were supposed to send 12 filled eggs to school today with something other than candy. I mean, what is fun in that!? That is the point of easter eggs eat lots of candy right!? Well, we ended up putting bubbles and a bouncy ball in each one with a sweet little note to her friends.
We have been doing lots of Egg-stra special activities this week. We have hid and hunted eggs....
hunting eggs
We have dyed and painted some hard-boiled eggs....
painting eggs
and attempted to eat them...I love them...Kinley pretends to.
We have decorated an egg tree that I found on the $1 aisle at Target. It has provided endless entertainment as we take the eggs off and put them back on over and over.
Picnik collage
Her finished product...she is so proud!
And we have grown some grass in eggs, courtesy of Darby and her fantastic tutorial. We even had so much extra grass left over we decided to grow some in glass jars. Maybe I will use these all as a centerpiece or something. Who knows. But, they turned out super cute!
and a week and a half later....
Hope yall have an egg-celent Thursday! (i heart the egg puns)

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kristen said...

those wheat grass eggs are so cool! and i love them in a jar! and the pic of kinley holding the egg tree is SO CUTE!! i love her!!!