Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Swim Class

We have been taking swim class again this spring to get Kinley ready for the massive amounts of time we will be in the pool this summer. I do NOT think she will complain since she loves to swim and pretty much has a fit every time I take her out of the pool. She just loves her swim class. Every moment the entire time she has a smile on her face and giggles with excitement. On her birthday a couple weeks ago my mom came to watch Kinley and take some pics and video. I just don't want to forget these little moments and I think the blog is the best way to remember them! I just love looking back at some old stuff from over a year ago and reminiscing. Time flies so quickly!

We are taking Waterbabies again this time since she was not 2 yet when we started and we never really went through the whole class last time. That means I get in the water with her.

Her favorite song is "Cuckoo Clock" (watch the video) and her favorite activity is getting in the ring and independently swimming around all by herself.

She jumps off mats and the wall and towers to go under water and hold her breath until she either pulls herself up on my t-shirt or I pull her up. We add on a second each week to her breath control and she is doing so good!

And at the very end of class they all have the teacher help them slide down the slide into the water.

Here is a quick video summary of swim class.
I hope you all do lots of swimming this summer too!


Jan said...

Love the "Hi, Honey!" What a fish!!! Love it!

Natalie said...

I have to sign Luke up soon too! Hopefully we can get them together this summer to swim!!! She's such a cutie!