Monday, November 16, 2009

when Brinkley comes to town..

Kinley loves when Mendy and Alex come to town! When they means Brinkley comes too! Kinley and Haley LOVE to play with, we took some pics today of them rolling around the floor! Mendy and Alex were in town on a Monday because Alex had a big interview with Multiview...the company Ben works for...and he got the job!!! Congrats Alex! We can't wait for you to move back to this area and hang with us more often! We love you!
11.16.09 01311.16.09 01411.16.09 01711.16.09 019
Look at that drool!11.16.09 020
She tries to jump over Haley to get to Brinkley!
Yay Alex! We are so excited for you!

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kristen said...

congratulations alex!! and how cute are those pics!! and love kinleys uggs. so stinkin cute.