Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my little helper

I have come to realize that having a crawling, exploring, pulling-up baby is extremely difficult to keep out of laundry baskets...or any basket really. Kinley's new favorite game is to tip over any basket she can get to or pull herself up and stand holding on to the laundry basket and pull out all of my folded...yes, clean and folded clothes. She is just so excited and proud of herself that she can do this that I cannot get upset with her. It is so cute to see her explore new things. Thanks for all your help Kinley!
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Sorry that my green with black polka-dot undies are on top :-) She is just so proud!


Honey said...

Momma's little helper. Look at all that hair coming in...

Allison said...

Kinleys mama wears way cooler panties than ella's mama! Wish I had a laundry helper over here right now!