Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week in review...

It has been a whole week since I posted and I can't believe it! This week has been a trying week for our household! We decided to take on this task this week of weaning Kinley off her night feedings so she would sleep all the way through the night. We also decided we would start trying to put her down awake and not rocking her totally to sleep before laying her down for bed and naps. It has been a tough process for our sweet baby to understand all the changes but, she is getting it down now and we are SO excited and proud of her. In the end I am SO glad we did this now instead of waiting any longer. After a few naps and nights of a 'modified' cry-it-out method...we are finally to the point where we are just telling her "time for night night" and putting her down. It is not perfect yet but, she can now put herself to sleep and sleeps all night long and is napping great! Consistency, perseverence and a LOT of patience and prayer was the key. So, because of all this...we we have not done much this week to blog about.

But, last night we had a fantastic cousin get-together at David and Kristi's house with all the in-town cousins. Almost everyone that lives in this area made it! We missed Natalie and baby Luke a lot and we left a little early to see Josh and Kristy but, we had a blast hanging with everyone else! Kinley and Aubrey hung out a ton and they were so cute playing together. I cannot wait for Christmas!!
11.8.09 00111.8.09 00211.8.09 00311.8.09 00411.8.09 005
Kinley did not realize for a while that this was Jeremy and not Ben holding cute!11.8.09 00611.8.09 007Kinley and Aubrey LOVE the Princess car!11.8.09 009
Bathtime!11.8.09 010
I LOVE a cute baby bottom pic!!11.8.09 013
Aubrey can brush her own teeth in the advanced!11.8.09 015
Books before Bedtime..."Big Words for Little People" is so cute if you haven't read it.


kristen said...

so sweet!! i love the cousin time! and way to go kinley on sleeping all night and falling asleep by yourself!! you guys are so amazing!! my babies didnt do that til they were so old! way to keep up the good work.

Honey said...

You and Ben are doing such a great job at parenting. I'm so proud of all 3 of you for making it through this week! Another milestone for little toot toot :)

Honey said...

...oh and precious baby bottoms!

Allison said...

Way to go Kinley! (and mom and dad!) I hope ya'll have lots of long peaceful nights of sleep this week to make up for last week. Now that Kinley sleeps through the night, this means she can come over for sleepovers right?! Can't wait for that!

Camila said...

Fun cousin time! Hate that we missed the get together! I am so jealous that you have a sleeping-through-the-night baby! How did you decide it was time to wean Kinley from night time feedings? Winlon has had a cold so we have been up 3 or more times a night for the past week and a half! Booo! LOVE the bathtime pictures!