Saturday, November 28, 2009

Haul out the Holly

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house. We decorated the weekend before Thanksgiving with colored lights lining our roof outside and 2 Christmas trees and lots more decor inside. One special decoration that everyone on my mom's side of the family is extremely proud of is a picture frame Christmas tree that my Momma Gay makes for us. She has had a tree like this for years and we all used to fight over it. So, she just decided to make all her grandkids one for special occasions in their lives. I got mine when I got married as a special housewarming gift for my first house. She decorates them with unique jewels and things specific to each of us. Mine has a B & L on it for Ben and Lindsay. They are special to us and fantastic....and did I mention that they also light up. So, when you see this on my mantle...maybe you will now know a little piece of what it means to me.
11.28.09 042
Also, my mom's VERY favorite tradition is where all of us get together one night and decorate her Christmas tree. She sets it up and gets the lights working and then we decorate it to an old 1980's-ish KVIL Christmas tape...that's right...cassette tape. It is such a fun tradition and even though we won't always be able to have everyone is something we will all continue to try to do if we can. Here are some pics from this year's decoration session. We missed Bart and Olivia...but, were thrilled to have Kinley and Matt's friend, Austin, there! The more the merrier!
11.28.09 129
11.28.09 132
11.28.09 133
11.28.09 134
11.28.09 135
11.28.09 137
11.28.09 139
11.28.09 140
11.28.09 142


Kendall Nicole said...

Oh my gosh! My mom recently got me a CD of an old KVIL Christmas tape that we listened to all the time growing up. I love that music!!! Ha!

kristen said...

please tell mama gay that i want one once she is done with everyone else's!! its just so fantastic.