Monday, November 23, 2009

neighborhood fun night

This weekend we had a fantastic neighborhood dinner / game night at our house. We are SO blessed to have such wonderful neighbors in our same stage of life that love the Lord and are so much fun! We had a big dinner of cream cheese chicken, corn casserole, salad, and apple turnovers...I guess we are warming up our tummies for Thanksgiving :-) Then we played Battle of the Sexes, which I have never played, and the boys kicked our booties! However, I am going to lay it out there and say that the boys questions were WAY easier than the girls...and not even really at all a 'girl-themed' question. Example: "An anonymous reference to a girl might be called a Jane - What?" Answer: Jane-Doe.....DUH! Then a girl question would be something like..."What day of the week, date and year did the first single of some famous singer come out" and the answer would be something like "Monday, June 23, 1963" and we would have to know that!! A little unfair...I think so. Oh, and don't get the wild card that makes you completely go back to the beginning and start over...because we got that too. However, I have to say, the girls were all very good sports and we are down for another fun game night and re-match anytime! We had so much fun with you guys! Can't wait to hang out together again!
11.23.09 00111.23.09 002
Lauryn is very serious when reading the questions to the boys!11.23.09 003
Matt and Rachel11.23.09 004
We are so excited for Eric & Leslie to welcome baby Annabelle Grace this spring!11.23.09 005
Landon & Lauryn

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Camila said...

They HAVE to give the boys easier questions. Otherwise they wouldn't stand a chance!! :)