Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ty & Ryland's Ninja Turtle Golf Party

Yep, you read that correctly. 
It was a strange combination, but Stacee and I made it work. 
 Ty and Ryland asked for a joint Ninja Turtle / Golf birthday party. 
 Throwing a joint party with a friend for a few mutual friends is so fun! Stacee and I had a blast brainstorming and planning and crafting together. 
 She is so, so much more detail oriented than me so I benefitted greatly by having her as my partner in crime. 

 We had a girl from Etsy design our invites for us and while I think they are cute I am bummed out about a few things.....most importantly, that she spelled OctoBer wrong.
 Nevermind that Ben, Ryan, Stacee and I all looked over the invite before printing and that it was KINLEY who helped me notice October was spelled wrong. 
 We checked over the address, date, time, spelling of the boys names but didn't think to look at OctoBer. 
 I guess we just assumed it would be spelled correctly.

 Our vision for this party was a short backyard mini-golf course. 
 We wanted 4 holes because it was for their 4th birthday and there are 4 ninja turtles. 
 We wanted each hole to represent one of the four ninja turtles. 
 Stacee and Ryan took two holes and Ben and I took two holes so it was totally manageable. 
 Another reason sharing a party is where its at...half the work for double the result! 
 I pretty much put Ben to work building stuff with all our garage scrap wood while I went with my go-to-impact-decoration....painted cardboard. 
 Man, I love how Lowe's just gives away appliance boxes when I need them.
  IMG_3846 IMG_3848 IMG_3849 
Stacee knew pretty much right away that she wanted to make these golf ball / ninja turtle head keychains which were PERFECT for our theme. 
 See, I would never pick something that looks this detailed and time consuming but fortunately Stacee would and they were not near as hard as I made them out to be in my head and were so fun to do together on our crafting nights. 
 Kinley and Ty loved helping with these too. 
 We dropped golf balls in a ziplock of paint and shook them up to cover them.
 It was a job they loved. 
IMG_3761 IMG_3790 

 I also got to re-use the photo frame booth I made for Matt & Sandy's wedding. 
WIN! Re-using decorations is also where it's at. 
 Do the work once and benefit until it dies. 
 I painted it green and Stacee cut out some letters on her silhouette to add to it. The hashtag for the party was #tyandrylandarefore.  Yes, the 'fore' spelling was intentional...get it, 'fore' in golf and they are turning 4!
Pics later...keep reading.

 Last minute I decided we needed a scorecard! 
 Can't play mini-golf without keeping score! 
 It served as the guide for the course in instructing the order of the holes by Ninja turtle.
 And of course every hole was a Par 4!
IMG_3844 IMG_8462 IMG_3870 

The day of the party we threw everything together and ran through the course one quick time. 
 It turned out so cute! 
 Our giant Leonardo greeted the guests while doing a little putting of his own. 
The Nordell's painted ninja turtle pumpkins and they were PERFECT for an October party. 
Sibling pic (minus Dylan) before the party starts...Kinley always posing. 
Birthday boys
I also never use balloons at parties.  I don't know why!?  It's so birthday like.  But Stacee LOVES them.  They were so cute all over the party and I am so glad we did.  

Party favors were these ninja turtle masks that a Stacee made (thanks Ben for making this ladder to display our Ninja turtle masks.  It was a necessity and I am sure we will use it time and time again) also...the golf-ball-ninja-turtle keychains, and these adorable ninja turtle cookies that Stacee's mom made. 
IMG_3874 IMG_3871 IMG_8476
The food table was a good mix between golf and ninja turtle theme. Pizza, flag sticks, chip it, grape tees, orange wedges, par-faits, holes in one, golf ball cupcakes, ninja turtle veggie trays, sweet tee, water hazard and the 19th hole. 
IMG_8512 IMG_8513 IMG_8474 IMG_8472 IMG_8470 IMG_8469 IMG_8468 
Loved these ninja turtle veggie trays.
IMG_8466 IMG_8464 IMG_8482 

And can we talk about THE CAKE for a second!? 
 Of COURSE Mendy did it for me. 
 She is flawlessly amazing at all things cake. 
 Every party I throw out a new idea and every time she delivers like a boss. 
 Best ninja turtle cake ever. 
These boys were thrilled and hugged on Aunt Minnie the minute she brought in the cake. 
IMG_8489 IMG_8487 

Outside we set up tables on the patio and the photo booth. 
 It was a great area to watch kids putting the course. 
Y'all, we borrowed all these clubs from Mountasia. 
 We just called and asked if we could rent some and they said we could just borrow them and asked how many did we need...what? 
 So awesome. 
We made sure to get some family pics before the party got going. 
 Love these siblings in the photo booth. 
As parents, we each dressed up in a different ninja turtle color. 
IMG_8536 IMG_8539 IMG_8545 IMG_8571

As kids arrived or in between putting rounds, we had balloon golf set up in the yard as well. They used half pool noodles to hit balloons into two buckets. They had a blast with this too.
IMG_3927 IMG_3926

The first hole of the course was the Michelangelo hole.
 They hit the ball on a decline down a ramp where it ricocheted off the sides and landed on the green to be putt into the hole.
The second hole was Rafael.
 They had to hit the ball up a ramp and over the Rafael turtle sand trap onto the green.
IMG_8498 IMG_8499
The third hole was Donatello.
 They hit the ball down a fairway into one of the twisty pipes onto the green.
The last hole was Leonardo.
 They had to hit croquet-style through the grass and under some blue pool noodles and up a ramp through Leonardo's mouth to the hole on the other side.
IMG_8504 IMG_8506

The kids had so much fun on the golf course.
 They played round after round.
  IMG_8530IMG_3900 IMG_8528 IMG_8532
Even the dads got into a competitive round against each other.
IMG_3921 IMG_3920 IMG_8587 IMG_8592
More party pics.
IMG_8578 IMG_8511 IMG_3924 IMG_8576 IMG_3895 IMG_4061 IMG_3899 IMG_8580
Singing happy birthday
IMG_3929 IMG_3896 IMG_8602 IMG_8614
It was a fun, late night but the party couldn't be over until we took a picture with the big Leonardo in our pjs.
 Just the best party for these precious birthday boys.
 Oh how I love them so.
Thanks to all our sweet friends that came to celebrate the boys. We are so blessed to have such sweet mutual friends. 
Happy 4th Birthday Ty Ty and Ry Ry!
Watch out they might come get you!

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Are you kidding me? This is AMAZING. What a fun fun party.