Saturday, October 17, 2015

Leslie's Baby shower

At the same time Stacee and I were planning Ty and Ryland's party, we were working with Lindsey on Leslie's couples baby shower. 
It was a football-themed diaper shower during the Texas A&M vs. Alabama game. 
 The Bartels are a self-proclaimed football family and there are few things in life they enjoy more. It was the perfect way to celebrate sweet baby John Wyatt who will be here any day! 

A little bit of party decor. 
 The football pumpkins were the CUTEST way to greet the guests of honor. 
JWB Baby Shower 2015 
 I loved Stacee's mason jar football vases with the white flowers.  JWB Baby Shower 2015 JWB Baby Shower 2015 JWB Baby Shower 2015 
 We used the big chalkboard for this party and we set up a squares game to make the game even more exciting. Each person got to pick 5 squares and, if at the end of a quarter, the score ended in the digits of a square you chose, you got to pick from a grab bag of prizes. 
It was so fun! 
JWB Baby Shower 2015 JWB Baby Shower 2015 
 Third time to use the photo booth, score! 
We kept the green paint from the ninja turtle/golf party the week before and added some footballs. 
The mum was our most exciting surprise for Leslie. Lindsey made it and it was just fabulous. We made Leslie wear it the whole party. She thought she was super excited about the football pumpkins until she saw they mum! 
She loved it and we knew she would.
 JWB Baby Shower 2015 
We all signed a football for John Wyatt to keep in his room. 
JWB Baby Shower 2015 
And we had diapers for people to write on too. This was one of my favorite things from my diaper shower for Dylan. I laughed at what people wrote on these for months to come. 
JWB Baby Shower 2015 
 I couldn't get over the vision of a big field goal made out of diapers. JWB Baby Shower 2015 
 It was a much better idea in theory than in execution. Turned out cute but, was not super functional. We only got to use one of them and had to tape it to the wall to show it off. Wah, wah, wah. 
 Not all ideas come to fruition the way they do in your head. 
But, the food table did turn out so cute. I love all the Alabama and A&M stuff we got. The banners and balloons were so cute! 
JWB Baby Shower 2015 JWB Baby Shower 2015 
 My favorite thing were there cute personalized team forks! How cute!
 JWB Baby Shower 2015 
For food we pretty much had typical game day food, popcorn, nuts, wings, sliders, brats, and Stacee carved the watermelon football helmet. 
JWB Baby Shower 2015 JWB Baby Shower 2015 JWB Baby Shower 2015 
For dessert we had football cupcakes and brownies JWB Baby Shower 2015 JWB Baby Shower 2015 
The drink station was one of my favorites too. JWB Baby Shower 2015  
Party pics pretty much consists only of group girl pics...sad I didn't get lots more! 
JWB Baby Shower 2015 JWB Baby Shower 2015 JWB Baby Shower 2015 Congrats Eric & Leslie! Even though the game score didn't turn out quite how I would have liked, it was so fun to shower sweet John Wyatt and spend some fun time together.
We can't wait to meet that sweet baby so soon! 
JWB Baby Shower 2015

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