Friday, October 2, 2015

Dylan - 13 months

I promise, I am not going to do monthly Dylan updates for his second year.  
But, there is just so much that happened during month 13 that I had to update once more. Most notably, he is a full on walker. 
 I was in denial for a good two weeks and didn't tell or really acknowledge it because I mean, how can I not have a crawling baby anymore?? 
 Three walkers?? 
I just can't. 
 But, pretty much at baseball class the Monday after Matt & Sandy's wedding, it just clicked for Dylan. 
 He stood up and just started walking. 
 When he fell each time, he just stood up again and he pretty much never crawled again.
  Dylan Walking 

 Another thing that happened was literally one of the scariest and worst moments I have had as a parent yet, equivalent with losing Ty on the 4th of July. (I don't know why these moments are getting more frequent...) 

 It's a long story, but essentially, Dylan pulled his dresser down on himself. He opened the drawers and either tried to crawl up it or just pulled it over once the drawers were open and the weight wasn't disbursed evenly. 
 Either way, I had run back to my room and was away for no more than 30 seconds to a minute when I noticed he hadn't toddled in after me yet. 
 I ran back to his room quickly and found him under the dresser. 
 His legs were sticking out and he was completely still and quiet. 
 It was terrifying. 
 I had that burst of adrenaline and threw the dresser off him and picked him up as fast as I could. 
 He then started crying and boy, so did I. 
 I looked him over and was scared to move his arms and legs and was just making sure he could move everything and I was just crying like crazy too. 
 He quit before I did. 
 Ty was SO, SO sweet and calmly and rationally told me to just "breathe in and blow it out" like I tell him when he's throwing a fit. 

 My friend Stacee called me right then and talked me down a little and as soon as 8:30 hit, I called the doctor. By then Dylan was walking and babbling and acting totally normal but, I still just couldn't believe it. 
I was nervous maybe he had a concussion or something. 
 Dr. Scott advised me not to bring him in and just to watch him. He said normally with a fall like that he would look for eyes to track, no speech slurring, and no abnormal swaying while walking but, since a one year old can't track their eyes, talk or walk without wobbling ever, there was really no point. 
 He said, just watch him for anything out of the ordinary, make sure his extremities are working fine and that he is arousable during sleep. 
 All of that was totally fine and other than a few bumps and bruises, he was perfect. 
It was a total praise and a total miracle. 
 I will never forget it and just wanted it documented in his book about how God totally protected him as a baby. 
 Praise God for his provision and protection!
 I sure do love this toddling, accident-prone, tough-as-nails angel baby.
  Dylan - 13 months Dylan - 13 months Dylan - 13 months Dylan - 13 months 
Just a couple hours later at Hobby Lobby.
Dylan - 13 months 

Dylan is just growing and learning leaps and bounds lately too. It is so fun to see him learn to love the same things Kinley and Ty did. He has discovered our little outdoor slide that Kinley got from Kathy when she was 1 and just like Kinley and Ty at his age, he LOVES it and could be on it all day long. 
Dylan 13 months Dylan 13 months 
He had fun planting mums and decorating for fall with us. 
Dylan 13 months Dylan 13 months 
Gosh I love him and even though I am constantly running around like crazy, I love this stage so much. 
 A few more pics from his 13th month. 
Playing outside with brother
Dylan 13 months
 In the car waiting for school pickup Dylan - 13 months 
Running errands with mom on our days alone together 
Dylan - 13 months 
A few pics from his days with Honey while I am at work. He loves swinging and riding in the cars outside. Pretty much anything outside. Dylan 13 months Dylan 13 months 
Love this teethy selfie-loving babe.   He has like every tooth you get.  I think 16 or so?  I don't know...just all of them.
Dylan 13 months Dylan 13 months 
We got to BSF every Wednesday morning now and at first it was a long time in the nursery for him.  He is MUCH better now but, he cried a LOT at first and one day I walked up and saw him asleep on the ground like this because he was so tired from crying. Poor baby!
  Dylan 13 months
Now, he just goes right in and when I come get him he's walking around playing.  I love watching him wear tons of hand-me-downs.  Poor kid has zero new clothes of his own.  This set of camo pjs was given to me by my cousin when I found out I was pregnant.  Baby's first set of camo.  Now Dylan can wear it 7 years later. Fire station visit
I love you angel boy.  

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