Sunday, October 18, 2015

Taylor Swift - 1989 Tour

The night of Leslie's baby shower, we got to go see Taylor Swift with our best friends. It has been a few years since we went to see Taylor on her Red Tour.
I was a little more impressed with Taylor on the Red Tour, I have to say.
 There is just something about seeing her with just her and her guitar singing all her own songs that totally impressed me last time.
 The more "adult" theme and smoke and lights and backup dancers, in my opinion, took a little away from just her raw talent.
 She's so good on her own she doesn't need the "show."
But, it was a fantastic show.   You just can't beat singing at the top of your lungs all the words to every song.  It makes for the best concert.

It was so fun that Ben got a chance to go with Kinley and I this time.
The company was great and the SHIRTS were perfection!
I loved that we all got custom shirts but they were all different.
Kinley's idea for her shirt was one that said "I stay out too late" from "Shake it Off" and Kristen made it happen just for her.
Taylor Swift 2015 
Ben and I both got shirts with Taylor's face on them!  Like a true concert tee.  
It's Ben's new favorite Celebrate-Always tee.  
He rotates between about 5 of their shirts and this one is the new fave.  He even wears it to the gym....just a man working out with Taylor Swift's face on his big deal.

My best Taylor impersonation
Taylor Swift 2015 

 Pretty much could NOT hold a candle to Avery's impression of Taylor on her shirt.  
I die. 
I think watching Avery was my favorite part of the night. She knows every lyric to every song and sings it with motions and such passion. She was even Taylor Swift for Halloween. She's just a natural. So fun to see.
Taylor Swift 2015 
Couldn't take enough pics of these cute BFF kiddos. 
Taylor Swift 2015 Taylor Swift 2015 Taylor Swift 2015 Taylor Swift 2015 
Sawyer and I in our matching tees 
Taylor Swift 2015 Taylor Swift 2015 
My favorite mommas 
Taylor Swift 2015 
Me and my favorite girl 
Taylor Swift 2015
Taylor Swift 2015 
Come on back Taylor, we can't wait for the next album tour!

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