Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween festivities 2015

We started out our Halloween week with the Compass Fall Festival. 
This event at our church gets better and better every year and we so look forward to it. 
 Kinley was Pocahontas, Ty was Batman (again), and Dylan wore Ty's old tiger costume from when he was Dylan's age.
We had so much fun meeting up with friends, riding ponies, petting animals, bouncing on inflatables and playing games.
AG's Fancy Nancy costume was the best.
I can't get over that wig.
 So cute.
 Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015
 And these boys are too much.
Halloween 2015
Kinley did awesome on the climbing wall and made it to the top. Reminded me of her rope climbing days in gymnastics.  The girl has got some upper-body strength!
Halloween 2015
Dylan loved the petting zoo
Halloween 2015
We can't go home without some awesome face paint.
Halloween 2015
The best group shot of our kids we could get.
Halloween 2015
We had our annual Halloween playgroup at Lindsey's house. We dressed in costume, did our footprint/ ghost craft, played Halloween bingo and just loved having all our kids together.
 I don't know why but, I took zero pictures.
Here is just one of the kids playing bingo.
Halloween 2015

Halloween day also happened to be the day of our Junie B. Jones tickets at Casa Manana.
 We usually go with my mom but she was out of town, so since Halloween is also Leslie's birthday we took Leslie and AG with us.
We can't attend any show without dressing in character.
These girls busted out Junie B. Jones in no time.
Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 

 Kinley stayed inspired by Junie B. all day and it prompted a last minute switch of a Halloween costume.
 Ty switched also to being a Ninja. Stacee had come over earlier in the week with Ryland to borrow some of my ski clothes for an upcoming ski trip and the boys busted out some black long underwear which immediately turned them into ninjas. They decided to nix all intentions of being Ninja Turtles and just be regular ninjas in black. 
Halloween 2015 
 Since Ty wasn't going to be a ninja turtle, I didn't have Dylan wear the ninja turtle costume I got him either, so he was a tiger again on Halloween night.
 It was a last minute costume switch for everyone! 
We stopped by Pops and Grams house to trick or treat first.
It was so fun! 
Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 
Couldn't get enough of this cute tiger!
 Halloween 2015 
 I love a comparison here is Ty vs Dylan in the tiger costume, three years apart. 
Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 
Then went over to Leslie's house with the intention of pumpkin carving but that never happened. Somehow we forced Leslie to host and cook us dinner on her own birthday. 
Aren't we great friends???? 
 It was a relaxing dinner and pre-party to Trick-or-Treating and we took the best group shot we could of who all was there.
 Halloween 2015 
We headed over to Donna and Troy's neighborhood for trick-or-treating and our crew was large and oh so much fun.
 Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 
Did you catch Ross in that pic too? 
Halloween 2015 
It was a great Halloween night!

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Olivia Howe said...

Every time I see a picture of Ty at that age I always feel like I am looking at Anson. It is crazy how much they look alike! Those Halloween costumes are adorable!