Monday, August 31, 2015

Sandy's Bachelorette Party

I got to go to Austin one night in late August for Sandy's bachelorette party! IMG_2621 
I considered myself the chaperone as I was definitely the oldest and almost a decade older than Sandy and her friends. 
But, it was so much fun. Allison helped me with the tanks for the weekend and threw in some super cute matching koozies and I gave everyone some personalized #howeaboutforever sunglasses. 
 Our first stop was lunch at Hula Hut where we passed out our swag and even got some free neon Austin hats too.
  IMG_2629 IMG_2627
We had a private pole dancing class, some pool time and the lingerie shower before dinner.
IMG_2646 IMG_2653
Dinner was late and delish and a great pre-cursor to our night on the town.
 It has been years and years since I've been to 6th street.
Sunday morning, everyone pretty much did their own thing and headed back home. Olivia and I stopped for brunch at Pacos Tacos (which was delish) and headed home! It was a quick but super fun trip celebrating sweet Sandy!

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