Monday, August 10, 2015


I turned 33 this year and totally feel like it's the new 22, amiright? 
But seriously, I can't believe I'm 33. 
In 5 seconds I will be 40 and woah. 
Not that I mind birthdays at all, they just seem to come quicker and I can't explain how that happens.

Every year the first week of August there is a two-day tax training I have to do for work that, a lot of the time, falls on my birthday. So this year I was sitting in an 8 hour tax class on my actual birthday. I was a little bummed about it that morning but knew I was going to have a family dinner to look forward to that night. 
However, much to my surprise, my best friends busted into my house while I was gone and gave it the best party makeover ever! I don't know how they did it all but they blew up balloons, hung streamers and bunting, a piñata, made a cake with 33 candles and left me a handful of the cutest Celebrate Always shirts. I was shocked when I walked in and my kids yelled surprise! 
It was the Best Day Ever! 

July 2015 July 2015

July 2015
July 2015 
The only thing that could have been better was if I got to spend the day with them too. But, I am glad my kids got to play with their kids and pretty much had the best day of their lives. 
Untitled July 2015
Untitled July 2015 July 2015

We went straight to family dinner with my family for a birthday celebration that night. I am so thankful everyone could make it happen after their work days!
July 2015
July 2015

That weekend we went to the lake with both sets of grandparents and Mendy and Alex. We had a little celebration and enjoyed the cake and piñata!
Untitled Untitled IMG_2166 IMG_2176 IMG_2184
The rest of the weekend was fun and relaxing and just the best time. Mendy and Kinley set up a nail spa that we all enjoyed.  
Nothing says fancy like your feet soaking in a pot from the kitchen. 
This kid is too cool.
  IMG_2143 IMG_2150 IMG_2155 IMG_2159

Mendy and Alex had to leave one night early so they put Kinley "in charge" of Brinkley for the day and night. She took her job seriously and slept all night with her and held her in the car on the way home. She earned $1 for her excellent dog-sitting skills. 

The next week I got to have another birthday celebration with Kristen, Jeff, Bob and Allison. I am SO glad that we all live close and we can meet up for parents night out dinners as much as we want! 
This time we went to Esparza's off of Main Street in Grapevine. 
 Selfies when its dark outside are just not the best quality. 
 I am so not high tech. Bummer. 
IMG_2230 IMG_2233 
Handsome hubbies
Apparently this is the worlds largest wind chime...what!? Now don't all rush at once to go see this!
  IMG_2241 IMG_2242

It was a great birthday and I am excited for what 33 will bring! 

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