Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Meet the Teacher & First Day of First Grade

We had Meet the Teacher Thursday night and left without a single picture of the teacher. We got the "new to our school" teacher for the second year in a row. Last year it worked out amazing so I praying for another good year. Out of the 20 kids in her class last year, only 2 are in her class this year. The other 18 kids were split between the other two classes so that was kind of a bummer but, it's a super small school so she knows pretty much the entire grade and was excited about everyone in her class anyway. Kamryn is the one girl in her class from last year.
We are glad to be in class with Bridge this year. 
Another pic with Kinley, Kamryn and Addison, from her soccer team. 
After Meet the Teacher we had a family fun night at Chuck E Cheese. Dylan devoured pizza and everything from the salad bar like a champ while Kinley and Ty ran around like crazies playing games.
  IMG_2463 IMG_2464 IMG_2461 
Family selfie driving cars. 

 The First Day of School Kinley woke up to a very similar set up to last year. A little celebration goes a long way with Kinley and got her super excited for the day. 
We went outside for our traditional 1st day pics... 
IMG_8170 IMG_8171 
Ty insisted he wanted to be in a pic with his backpack too despite the fact that this really isn't his school backpack or his first day of school. But, Kinley smiled and went a long with it because that's what big sisters do. 
 She's amazing. 
IMG_2540 IMG_2535 IMG_8176 
We were all trying to get up and dressed so we could all walk her in but I think that in fact made us late getting out the door. 
 Ben dropped her and I off in the circle and I walked her to her classroom as the bell rang. Luckily there were lots of other parents and kids in the hallways so she wasn't too stressed about being late. When we got to her classroom everyone was already circled up with the teacher. 

From drop off Ty, Dylan and I went to a "Boohoo/Yahoo" breakfast at Celebrity Cafe that Shelley Tyler organized for us. She wanted it to be special for all the first time Kindergarten moms. I was super thankful to go too! She had flowers and tissues and a journal for us all write down our biggest fear or prayer request in that she will pray over for us. It was a wonderful blessing of a breakfast for us all! 

From breakfast I took Ty, Sean Ryan and Ryland to baseball since their mommies had to pick up AG, Mila and Ella from a half day of school. These boys had lots of fun and were very sweet. I foresee lots more playdates with just the littles this year with all the big kids in school. 
IMG_2556 IMG_2562 
At the end of the day, I picked Kinley up and we got a picture with her teacher Ms. Moore and her besties that she misses so much in her class this year, Erika and Claire.
  IMG_2567 IMG_2565 
I picked up some cute school themed cookies from Celebrity at breakfast as after school treats.

 So far, so good this week! 
 I can't wait to see what first grade holds for Kinley this year! 
 I love you sweet girl. 
 You are going to do great things! 

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