Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I can't get over it. 
My baby is one full year old.
It came and went and it was so fun. 
 We had a candle in a cinnamon roll for his birthday breakfast.
Kinley was a little neurotic about a lit candle in front of Dylan. 
 Pretty much broke down with hysterical worry that he would burn himself even though Ben and I were right there to make sure he didn't touch it. 
She's such a sweet little mama. 
 We had a fun little one year photo shoot on the couch for our instagram pic. 
IMG_2733 IMG_2744 IMG_2746 
 Kinley and Ty jumped in too. 
 My whole heart.
The night of his birthday we had the grandparents and Alex & Minnie over to sing happy birthday.
 Kinley couldn't even be in the room during the song this time because she was so worried.
IMG_8209 IMG_8210 IMG_8212
Family pics
IMG_8194 IMG_8203 IMG_8207
Dig in!
  IMG_8218 IMG_8222
Opening a few presents
  IMG_8232 IMG_8234 IMG_8235

We had Dylan's 12 month dr appointment and my entire goal was for him to be developmentally on the charts at all. We did NOT want failure to thrive. As long as he was 5% in weight or more, we were good. at his 9 month apt my goal for him at 1 year was a whopping 19 pounds. And my goodness if he wasn't exactly 19 pounds. 
7th percentile in weight. 

 Anyone who knows him thinks this is insane. This kid is a garbage disposal. He eats EVERYTHING you put in front of him. He also takes spoonfuls of coconut oil straight from the canister and drinks lots of milk. I'm shocked he's not 29 pounds instead of 19. But, we will take what we can get. 

 He's also doing everything he should be doing developmentally. He is crawling, cruising, even taking a few steps. He is babbling up a storm, his fine motor skills are good, and he is sleeping! Like clockwork and like my other two kids the one year mark also kicked in a desire to sleep all night. 

His lack of sleep was quite epic and was what actually inspired his very small, Up All Night 1st birthday party (more to come). 

 He is pretty much down to one nap a day now, usually goes down around noon and up around 2:30 to go get Kinley from school. It is a little bit of a struggle to keep him up all morning. 
 Sometimes he still naps in the swing but, if I can keep him up, his afternoon nap is better.  

Dylan, you are just dreamy.
 Overall your first year has been a little tough. Your ear infections and tubes were a setback the first few months of your life which contributed to a pattern of not too stellar sleeping habits.
 BUT, through it all, you have literally been an absolute dream.
 You are so happy and so content.
 All. The. Time people comment about how happy you are. You love being with people. You rarely fuss when someone is talking to you.

 You are the most active of all my kids...constantly on the move. I know it is because you are always chasing Kinley and Ty and trying to do just what they are doing too.
 For example, you pretty much only want to eat in your high chair when the whole family is sitting down next to you to eat too.
 None of this put you in there with a snack and walk away business.

 Also, it is impossible to do dishes when you are awake because you crawl right on top of the dishwasher and grab every item out of it.
 You are busy!

 I am constantly wanting time to slow down so I can just have you in this stage a little longer.
 I love your big smile and those blue eyes.
 I love how you drink your milk best in the car and your backward facing carseat.
 I love how you are so content on my hip when I am on the move.
 I love having a buddy everywhere I go.
 I love how you sing and babble and talk.
 I love how I never get ready with out you in the swing next to me.
 I love how excited you get for your bathtime every night.
 Even though I have very little milk these days, I love how you still love to nurse before bed at night.

 You are full of joy.
 Our family is enriched because of you and we are so, so very thankful.
 I pray for you everyday sweet boy.
 I pray that you would stay healthy. Healthy bodies are such a precious gift and something I never want to take for granted.
 I pray for your heart and that you find Jesus as your first love.
 I pray that you know how treasured you are by God and what a blessing you are to our family.
 I pray for your salvation and future and passions and gifts.
 You are so loved, son.
 I will miss these monthly updates but, I am so glad I have them to look back on and remember well your first year.
 It has been so much fun!

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