Sunday, August 23, 2015

Last Week of Summer - Museums, Zoos and Birthdays, Oh My!

We've had a few things on our summer bucket list that we never got around to doing so my kids have had the best last 10 days of summer ever checking things off. 
 It started off with them getting to go to the Ft Worth Children's Museum with Honey and Boss one weekend while we were away at the lake with some friends. 
 My parents sent me like 30 pictures from this day and I loved getting every single one!
 Here are a few.
  IMG_2287 IMG_2290 
Apparently Ty's favorite thing was this wind tunnel.
  IMG_2292 IMG_2298 
Love these of sweet Dylan in his stroller. 
IMG_2288 IMG_2289 
And these with the T-Rex outside are adorable. 
IMG_2303 IMG_2302
I think they took pics with every bronze statue they could find. 
IMG_2284 IMG_2300 IMG_2299 

Meanwhile, we had a fun couples weekend at the lake kid-free.
It is such a special treat to get away and we don't get a chance too often. Our friends are so gracious and sweet about wanting to go to the lake house. I love that they always are wanting to go and think its a fun place to be. Its not too big and doesn't have many bells and whistles but we LOVE it and can't imagine summer without being there as much as we can. 
 Without kids we do a LOT more boating...sunset cruises and tubing and wake boarding. We can stay on the boat for hours without having to run back for nap time or because its too hot.
  IMG_2247 IMG_2245 IMG_2249 IMG_2248 IMG_2266 IMG_2267 IMG_2269 IMG_2511 IMG_2510 IMG_2260 IMG_2509

Monday we went with some cousins on the Howe side to the Ft Worth Zoo. We are so glad to be members there! It was so fun being with all the cousins. And everyone did a great job staying together!
  IMG_2318 IMG_2321 IMG_2325 IMG_2328 IMG_2332 IMG_2383 
Best group shot we could get. 
 Only missing sweet, camera shy Grady. 
IMG_2381 IMG_2345
Kinley and Aubrey had matching snaggle-tooth smiles to start the day. These pics was taken at Aubrey's bday party on Saturday and at lunch at the zoo on Monday.
IMG_2317 IMG_2323
But, in the prairie dog house, Aubrey finally lost that dangling tooth and it was cause for celebration. Kinley has been wiggling hers ever since trying to match again.
Broke Grady of his camera shyness :)
We got to the zoo a little later than the rest and have a much shorter ride home so we stayed to do the splash pad.
 It is SO MUCH FUN and the best way to do the Fort Worth Zoo in August.
  IMG_2366 IMG_2370 IMG_2376 IMG_2380

The second half of the week we headed to Dallas and on Wednesday we hit up the Perot Museum with Honey.
  IMG_2389 IMG_2392 IMG_2394 IMG_2400 IMG_2446 IMG_2404 IMG_2449 IMG_2407 IMG_2415 IMG_2418 IMG_2434

Saturday we headed to the Dallas Zoo with the Nordells.
 We were all set for a family day of fun...IMG_2484 BUT, Ben's blood sugar actually got crazy high like an hour after we got there so Ben, Dylan and I had to head home to get it under control and Ryan and Stacee were champs and kept Kinley and Ty with them to see the rest of the zoo.
 I think they had the best time ever and I am sad we didn't get to stay too but, I loved getting the pics.
 Thank you Nordells!!
  IMG_2492 IMG_2489 IMG_2516 IMG_2513 IMG_2512 IMG_2515 IMG_2502 IMG_2507 IMG_2504 IMG_2506

It was a tight squeeze getting all 5 kids and our double stroller in their car but they made it work!
I think they had fun IMG_2518
We also celebrated Tatum and Arabellas 6th birthdays this week.
 Tatums was at Skatetown and it was so fun!
 It was Kinley's first time to roller skate so I took her on my own for some one on one learning and she did so great.
 There were a few falls but, no tears and lots of determination.
 She got to go home for a sleepover with AG afterward and that was a special treat too.
IMG_2438 IMG_2452 IMG_2453
Arabella's birthday was a magical unicorn party with some sweet friends.
IMG_2478 IMG_2482

School starts tomorrow and I am so glad we had such a fun summer!
 I always have mixed emotions about school starting.
 I am glad for fall weather and a solid routine but, so sad to not have all three kids home with me all the time.
 I treasure summer.
 Glad we went out with a bang!

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