Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dylan - 11 months

July 2015
Dylan, you are rocking and rolling this month. You are getting things down! 

You are furniture cruising like a champ and standing on your own for a few seconds at a time. We can't leave you alone for a second or you will crawl on top of something or let go of what you are holding on to and crash your head into it. 
July 2015 July 2015
This black eye happened after you let go of holding on to the metal bunk beds at the lakehouse.  You are tough!

You are eating everything we put in front of you and you HAVE to be gaining weight. Our daily goal is for you to be drinking 3 six ounce bottles a day and nursing morning and night. But milk is still not your favorite and you much prefer table food. 
 I love my breakfasts in the morning with all three of you to myself. Such a good way to start my day.

Watch your food when it's Dylan height because he might steal it. 
July 2015

You are babbling up a storm! You say mama, dada, uh oh, and "that" when you point at things. 

You love to wave bye-bye when you sit down and crawl away. You move a little and then stop and wave and keep going. It's so cute. 
 We did the Harkins Movie passes again this summer and the beginning of the summer was easy and you sat in my lap the whole movie but toward the end of the summer we had to sit front row so you could have plenty of crawl space to crawl-stop-wave. 
 You were all over those nasty floors.  
July 2015

You still love your brother and sister. They walk with you and carry you constantly. Sometimes you are ok with it and sometimes you just want to do it yourself. 
But there is no one that can make you smile and laugh like they can. 
July 2015 July 2015

We left you for the first time overnight this month to go to the lake for cousins weekend and you did great for Pops and Gram! 
You are sleeping pretty good; normally going to bed at 8:00 and wake up once a night around 3:30 or 4:00 and then back to sleep until 6:45 or 7. Exactly the same as Kinley and Ty. We are almost to the year mark where I am hoping, like them, you will magically start sleeping all night. If we are ever all up before you in the morning, it is our favorite thing to all come in to get you and Kinley and Ty crawl in the crib with you. 
July 2015 

We are slowly transitioning you to one nap for the school year and you are pretty ready for it but, this month you liked morning naps in the swing while I was getting ready and an afternoon nap in your bed. All three of my kids used a swing for a full year. It has been my saving grace when I need a shower. 
 I will miss the days without a swing in my bathroom.
July 2015

You are just the happiest and most content baby. Your personality is so sweet and fun and easy going. Such a 3rd child. You are independent and like to do things yourself if you can but you also love your momma. You are busy, busy, busy and possibly the squirmiest baby ever. You just want to be moving. 
You are into everything and it keeps me on my toes. 

I am so thankful for the joy you bring to our lives baby boy. I can't believe you are almost a year old! This time has flown by but I want to take it all in as it goes so quickly. Thank you for rolling with the punches and craziness of our life. 
You handle it well and make it that much more special. 
I love you Dylan Lee. 

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