Saturday, June 27, 2015

VBSs and Play Dates

So far we have front-loaded our summer with activities.
We like to get in as much teaching about Jesus as possible and Kinley and Ty both got to attend VBS at Crown of Life and at FUMC Grapevine.
This is Kinley up on stage singing songs the last day of Crown of Life.
Druz, Tatum, Kinley, Aslynn and Hudson...who knows where Ty is.

My kids love the FUMC Grapevine one each year because the staff does some fun and gross pranks at the end of each day if the kids meet their offering goal.
Friday is always to turn someone into an ice cream sundae.
We had a swim play date at Ashley's house one day after Crown of Life VBS and it was so fun!
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We also had some friends at our house one day.
These  boys  Superheros are so cute!
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We headed out to Allisons new house in Ft worth another day after VBS and spent hours there just swimming and playing and eating lunch AND dinner.
We are SO glad they are so close.
It was so easy to just pop over there for the afternoon. 
After swimming in their pool, they wanted to watch a movie in pjs.
Ty even wanted some pjs so McKenna went and got Ty the most "boyish" pjs she could find.
McKenna and Ty were just precious together.
They were just buddying up and pestering Kinley and Ella nonstop.
Allison and I couldn't stop laughing. 
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