Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

We spent Father's Day weekend at the lake house with the Harrison's. It was a fun family time and we enjoyed endless water activities. I am so thankful the lake is up this summer. We boated, jet skiied, paddle boarded, paddle boated, ate, walked and celebrated. We celebrated Mendy's birthday Saturday night and Father's Day Sunday.

Kinley loves a party just as much as I do and we brought some decorations from home to set up for Mendy's party. We didn't have any tape to tape it up so we ran to dollar tree and she insisted on party favors for the guests too! 
Why didn't I think of that?? 
I can't do a party without her. 
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Kinley also picked out party hats and they were a hit!
Untitled Untitled
How cute is Dylan in a party hat!? 
I see these for a future first birthday party for sure.
Can't have a birthday without a dance party!?
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Boys will be boys... 
Untitled Untitled
We got the boys these Yeti Coalsters koozie things and they are legit. 
Keeps a can cold for hours. 
Lake fun!
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So fun to have the water all the way up to the retaining wall. 
We've never been able to swim there!

Sunday morning we had a big brunch to celebrate Ben and Gary and it was so sweet. 
 Ben is just the best daddy to our kids and I am beyond thankful for him and how he loves and leads us. 
 They were so excited to give him the presents they had made him in school and saved until Father's Day and he did what he does best and was just beyond grateful and excited that they did something special for him. 
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We have always wanted to stop at this farmers market on the way to the lake house and Ben suggested it on the way home Sunday and it was such a great time! The owner, Harry, was so nice and let the kids each pick whatever they wanted in a basket for free. 
We will definitely be stopping again in the future! 

Sunday night we celebrated with Boss. 
Which for some reason we didnt get any pictures with.
 But, we did get ample pics of Dylan and Anson together. 
We just can't help it. 
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
I did sneak this cute picture of Boss cuddling with Kinley and Dylan on the couch after dinner.
We have so many fabulous fathers to celebrate. Happy Father's Day Pops, Boss and Ben! 

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