Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dylan - 9 months

Your nine month well check was a little stressful for us! 
You were just getting over a virus AND an ear infection! (Apparently your tube got clogged and created an infection. Boo!) I was already a little concerned about your size and weight because you had lost a little interest in eating. 
And it was confirmed by Dr Scott when he told us you need to get on a weight-gaining schedule. 
Your percentage in weight went from 25% to 5% and that decrease was a little concerning. He wasn't overly concerned because he was aware of and treating you for you recent sicknesses. And he didn't even request that you come back in for a weight check at all until your next well-check at 1 year. 
So, he recommended an increase in formula feeding to get you some calories! We have been trying to give you two bottles of formula a day, especially at bedtime and I am nursing you first thing in the morning, once during the day and if you wake up at night. We are also trying to beef up your calories in your food. I am spoon feeding you straight coconut oil at each meal for some healthy calories and we are trying more table food like small Mac & cheese noodles, beans, avocados, and some meats. 
We are praying it all works and that you maintain or increase your percentage before your next check up.

On another note, you are meeting all your milestones. You are picking up small items with your fingers, babbling, waving a little, pulling to stand, etc. You are not full-on crawling yet but you are army crawling and rolling everywhere and are "dangerously mobile" as we like to say. 

You are sleeping better. You usually go to bed around 8 and are up one time awake at night around 2 and early in the morning 5ish with a little more co-sleeping until I get up around 7. 

You are still the happiest baby around.
You smile on command and laugh all the time. 
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You are great sitting in a high chair now and love to self-feed everything, hence your black bean pic this month. 

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You have 5 teeth now! They all started coming in after the first two vampire teeth  pretty much at the same time.  So cute. 

Time is flying son! Praying we stay healthy and grow bigger and make even more sweet memories. 
Here are a few pics of you at Honeys park on your nine month bday. 
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