Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dylan- 10 months

TEN months.
I cannot believe I need to start thinking about your first birthday party.
It is unbelievable.
This month we have really focused on eating and gross motor skills. 

You are eating formula bottles much better and consistently and can hold your own bottle! But your sister is always around if you need a helping hand. 
You still LOVE to self feed and actually find it a little inconvenient when I feed you with a spoon. You would much rather do it yourself. 

You are getting your 7th tooth now! You have 4 top and three bottom. 

You are a master at pulling to stand and are starting to furniture cruise and walk with us holding your hands. This is your favorite toy right now. You pull up and down over and over on it. 
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You are a full on crawler now and you are EVERYWHERE!  You are so proud of yourself and have the biggest smile on your face.
IMG_1423 IMG_1406
You love the water this summer and are loving swimming in any pool and life at the lake.
 You took your first boat ride and loved it right away. 
Your sleeping is getting way, way better!  I see you tracking right with Kinley and Ty and will be a fantastic sleeper by the time you are one. That probably seems so long to many but is just par for the course for our family. 

You are still my best accessory and a master at selfies. 
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Here are a few more pics from your 10 month photo shoot. IMG_8131 IMG_8133 IMG_8137 IMG_8141 IMG_8143
Dylan, you are just precious.
We love you so so much and are loving every moment with you.
God has given us an amazing blessing by giving us you to love on!
I love how you lean into me and lay on my shoulder around anyone new.
I love how you are a daddy's boy too more than any other kid. When he walks near you smile so big and you cry when he walks away. It means so much to him I know.
I can't wait to spend each day with you and am thankful I get so much time with you each day and night.
I wish I could freeze time sometimes but am also so excited to see who you become as time goes by.
 I love you, son! 

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