Friday, November 22, 2013

Southlake Fire House Visit

We went with playgroup to the Southlake Fire House last week. This has become an annual event for the playgroup but was our first time to ever go. The first thing that surprised me was that the Southlake Fire House is like the Taj Mahal. Not sure why that's so surprising but, it was super nice. Every ounce of it was extremely clean, there was a huge gourmet kitchen, the table was gigantic and could seat probably 20 people with a personalized Southlake Fire House logo on it.
 They entry way was marble with a huge emblem on the floor that I was a little afraid to step on. Untitled We had a reservation...that's right to view the station and get a tour.
 We each brought snacks for the firemen and Kinley made a thank you drawing and note to put in it.
This is apparently a house on fire with a firemen putting out the fire with a hose.
"Thank You Firemen" Love Kinley

The firemen showed us all around the firehouse, their sleeping quarters, their clothes lockers, their lieutenant offices, and even their recliner room.
Yes, recliner room.
They each have their own recliner that is specific to them so that they don't have to fight over a recliner. And you have to have been with the station at least a year to even be invited in the recliner room. One guy was standing on the tile outside the room the whole time we were in there and when we asked why he said he had only been there 6 months. The more senior fireman did not invite him in with us. But, Kinley ran in there and plopped in a chair like she owned the place!
 We will make sure to be invited in next time!
The truck they showed us was a brand new truck that had never been used and was shiny and clean and pristine.
 The kids loved it.
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Ty is examining the hose...
Then we went to look at their gear lockers and tried on their heavy helmet. Untitled Untitled
Some of us just played inside the empty lockers they had.
Untitled Untitled
The firemen were so nice and asked us time and time again if they could take pictures for us.
They were all mesmerized by the fireman pole.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
The newest member of the station (the one not invited in the recliner room) was basically in charge of showing us around and helping us. They made him put on and demo his uniform for us. He put on the oxygen mask and everything and showed the kids what he looked like and sounded like with all his gear on.
The goal is for the kids to recognize that he is the same guy as before and he is not scary. They don't want to run into a house to rescue a kid and have them hide or run from a fireman because he looks scary.
Some were open to taking a pic with him and others were not.
It was such a fun day with all these cute kiddos!

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kristen said...

that is so much fun! y'all are all just so cute.