Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Festivities

We started the Halloween week with playgroup at Leslie's house. The kids look forward to Halloween playgroup each year. It's always at someones house and they get to dress in their costume, we bring spooky-themed snacks, bring treats for each kid, and usually do a Halloween craft. This year we didn't even make it to the craft time because we threw in some games instead like pin the nose on the pumpkin and apple bobbing. 
 It was so much fun!! 
Group pic first before the costumes start coming off or getting dirty... IMG_7518 IMG_7532 IMG_7538
Halloween mandarin orange "pumpkins" and string cheese "ghosts".
Gotta love free pinterest printables 
It's a little blurry but these girls can pull together a theme playgroup in 1/2 a day easy.  We didn't even decide it was at Leslie's house until the day before.

Bobbing for apples!  This was such a hit for the kids.
  IMG_7547 IMG_7550 IMG_7553 IMG_7557 IMG_7561 IMG_7565 
Ty gave it a good try but decided using hands was easier 
IMG_7568 IMG_7571 
G went for it batgirl mask and all... 
Pin the nose on the pumpkin 
I found Ty like this in the other room after he got his "nose" to pin on. I think he was a little confused about how the game works.
But, he eventually figured it out. 
Can't believe how big Maddi is getting! Almost walking....


Halloween on Thursday was "Orange Day" at pic I could get. IMG_7593
 But, we had a pretty fun pre-trick-or-treating photo sesh at the house as Jessie and Buzz. Kinley does not like to break character. 
 These faces are
  IMG_4366 IMG_4369 IMG_4373 IMG_4378 IMG_4376
"Kinley..please give one normal smile" 
Trick-or-Treat at Pops and Grams.. 
IMG_7597 IMG_7604 IMG_7612 
Then we headed out for the Compass Fall Festival! 
Kinley was SO excited when we showed up and Mav decided to wear Woody! It was a game day decision on what Mav was going to be. He has about 30 costumes. And I think he was set on Thor all day but, last minute changed to Woody and Kinley just loved it.
Jessie and Dorothy
  IMG_7634 IMG_7679 
Forget the people...Ty was loving the live animals...petting zoo, pony rides..he was set. IMG_7645 IMG_7641 IMG_7644 IMG_7671 
Riding ponies with AR as Alice 
IMG_7642 IMG_7674 
Jessie and Bullseye :)
Mendy, Alex, Pops and Gram all came to the Festival with us. It is SO fun to have them there and it is always nice to have additional eyes and hands helping out in the dark with all the people there. 
IMG_7656 IMG_7659 
After the carnival we headed over for more trick-or-treating at Honey & Boss's. IMG_7662 IMG_7665 IMG_7668 
 Happy Halloween from the Harrisons!


Allison said...

Ahhh! I love everything about this! First of all, you have the BEST playgroup ever! I just love how much stuff y'all do! So special for all those kiddos. Looks like such a fun Halloween!

kristen said...

I just can not pick which pic is my favorite! Ty getting the apples cracks me UP! and all those kids on your porch! and the buzz and jessie poses in front of the tree?! DYING!!! I LOVE THOSE! and your hair is curly!! I haven't seen it curly in YEARS! I love it so much!!!