Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Family fun

We are so so thankful to have most of our extended family living close. Here just a few fun things the kids have been doing over the past few weeks with family. Kinley and Ty have been doing SO many fun things with honey lately. In October she took them through a fantastic day of going to her church pumpkin patch, the park and chickfila. All these pics are from mom's phone that she sends me during the day.
  IMG_7446 IMG_7339 IMG_7349 IMG_7341 
perfect pic of kinley's "story-telling" attitude... 

 Then another week she took them to a wonderful luncheon honoring Momma Gay! It was a surprise lunch in her honor put on by the sweet ladies of her country club that she and Pepa just recently ended their decades old membership with. The ladies golf club just loves her because she was their treasurer for like 25 years or something. Mom took the kids and they had so much fun celebrating Momma Gay! 
IMG_2533 IMG_2543 IMG_2542 IMG_2540 IMG_2539 IMG_2534 Untitled IMG_2546 
They just love every minute with Honey...and who wouldn't!? She is so much fun. 
Uncle Bart and Aunt Olivia came in town for one of their high school reunions and they had fun playing pool with uncle Bart. This was a rare moment we bribed kinley away from Olivia. She just sticks to her like glue when she is around :)
 Ty and I had a fun mommy-son date at grapevine mills while kinley was in school one day. This kid loves a carousel ride!
  IMG_7375 IMG_7377 
 And these two are the best milkshake dates!
  IMG_7333 IMG_7332 IMG_7335 
This selfie session just gets me. love! 
Untitled Untitled Untitled 
Family time is just my absolute favorite. 
 I love with the holidays coming up we are going to get to spend lots of time with our family and see more of our extended family. Hooray!

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Olivia Howe said...

Love this (and I am pretty sure Kinley needs to be in Broadway)! I am getting so excited to spend LOTS of family time together in Costa Rica and see some Wizzard of Oz shows in person. Tell Kinley and Ty to bring their A-game :)