Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Wizard of Oz singing

Ever since McDonalds celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz with some fabulous happy meal toys of each character, Kinley has been loving the Wizard of Oz!
We have watched it multiple times. 
 Watched you tube videos of the songs over and over. 
 Mom and Kinley play a game where they take turns saying a line from the movie and the other guesses which character said it. Like Kinley will say "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too" and mom will guess the witch. It's hilarious to listen to. 

 Well a couple of weekends ago we spent a very entertaining Friday night at Alex & Mendy's. They cooked us dinner and played games with the kids. We stayed way late and kept them up past their bedtime because they were just having so much fun entertaining us. Kinley used Mendy's fireplace as her stage for her very own one-man-show of the Wizard of Oz. 
 It was too good not to, for your viewing pleasure is a video below. 

 A few things to notice / listen for during the video: (and before we move on...yes, Mendy did hand-draw that pumpkin chalkboard over the fireplace...what the what?!...SO talented!!) 

- See how many McDonald's Wizard of Oz toys you can spot scattered around.
 - You will notice a costume change about half way through where Mendy gave Kinley a dress to borrow for dress up. We can't go long without a costume change. 
- I love how Ty would occasionally try to bust out a song or dance or just yell to be seen. - Uncle Alex's commentary is subtle and so funny....and wait till he joins the show as a munchkin :) 
- I tried to cut it down to just the songs but Kinley's thought process between songs is too cute not to capture. 

 Oh these moments. We all loved every second if the whole night and did.not.stop.laughing. 

 Fair's kind of a long video... if you stick through the whole are a trooper :)  
And some still pics for the memories.
IMG_7682 IMG_7686 IMG_7681 IMG_7680 Untitled


Joni Anderle said...

I loved it!! Both of your kids are natural performers! So cute!

Honey said...

This reminds me of all the fireplace hearth performances from you and your brothers and cousins! Sweet, sweet memories. So glad you captured it!

kristen said...

I NEED THIS VIDEO RIGHT NOW ON MY PHONE AT ALL TIMES! That is my favorite thing I have ever seen!!! and TY! what an amazing encore!!!