Monday, November 18, 2013

Fresh Beat Band Concert & Marina Costume

We can probably thank Nick Jr. and their massive amounts of commercials about the Fresh Beat Band concert for the fact that we purchased our May for the Dallas concert this past Friday. 
 Kinley loves all things performance and knows every FBB song so we literally counted down to this day for months. 

 We kept saying after Halloween...well, Halloween came and went and then the countdown was in full force. 
 Kinley also knew from day 1 that she wanted to dress as Marina. 
 Most other girls her age picked Kiki...but, she was set on Marina. I pushed off the Marina costume until "after Halloween" also but, Nov 1 Kinley was asking and asking for her costume. I looked for some bluish/turquoise dresses for ever and I just could not find them. I looked online for already made costumes..and there really aren't any. Some on Etsy for like $ Then I was set on doing a long t-shirt and belting it and adding some Marina flare but, Kinley did not like the color of any of the t-shirts I we started from scratch. 
 She went with me and picked out the turquoise and purple fabrics and I just went for it. I have no idea how to make or read or follow a sewing pattern so I just winged it. I looked at some of Kinley's dresses and used her Minnie Mouse costume I made as a guide also and just tried to piece it together. About half way through I realized I didn't buy a zipper...but, luckily Marina's costume is a V-neck..ours is a little bigger than hers but, it works and we can get it on her in one piece! Do not look at it up close but, from a far it turned out ok. It may fray to nothing after our one night at the concert but, it was so worth it for that one night. She loved it. Untitled Untitled Untitled
Before I had even made the belt she wanted to bust it out for her own concert at home.
  Untitled Untitled 
Got the belt done...
  IMG_7897 IMG_7895 
We bought our tickets separately but, the entire Bartel and Jacobs families were going to the concert too so we pre-partied with Pizza and Smoothies (just like on Fresh Beat Band) at the Bartels before leaving for the concert. 
 Leslie had all kinds of goodies set up for the kids with Fresh Beat Band print outs to color and personalized microphones for each person with their character printed out. Everyone showed up in costume and took some pics and Ty came for the pre-party too. IMG_7913 IMG_7916 IMG_7921 
Then, wearing my best KiKi colors, Kinley and I left for the show! 
 Girls night!
  IMG_7928 IMG_7932 
She was SO, SO excited... 
 but, I think the anticipation wore her out because 5 minutes later jamming to our FBB playlist I looked back and saw this. 
 Luckily she can rally like a champ and we were ready to party as soon as we arrived.
We quickly realized that the concert was not going to be sold out and there were more available seats than we expected. We ended up getting to sit with friends after all and super, super close to the stage!
Countdown from 10! 
IMG_7948 IMG_7952 IMG_7957 
We even jumped up after intermission and watched the rest of the concert standing right at the stage. 
 Kinley was a little apprehensive about being tight in the crowd but, was mesmerized seeing the FBB up close! Marina even reached out and touched her twice and pointed to her matching outfit and said she loved it! 
IMG_7964 IMG_7963 
Marina! (in outfit #2)
  IMG_7965 IMG_7967
Ya'll this was seriously one of the most fun concerts.  I had just as much fun as Kinley.  We have been singing the songs for months so we knew every single one.  We will definitely go again if they come to Dallas again another year.  Maybe that time I will be up for making a Rockstar jacket :)

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kristen said...

THIS IS THE BEST!!! I am just obsessed with the entire costume and night and everything!!! I love love love that you made her that fantastic costume! you are the best mom. I just love her face of excitement going there too! Love it all!