Sunday, December 8, 2013

More November - Girls Weekend and Pre-Thanksgiving

Here is a little bit of what we did to wrap up November... 

 The weekend before thanksgiving we had our Fall Girls Weekend at the lakehouse with our playgroup moms. Somehow we have gotten in the habit of each person bringing a small gift for everyone. It is such a treat and exciting to see what we get. Some have become traditions...personalized tshirts, a personalized cup of some sort to drink out of for the weekend, a theme playlist CD for the weekend. It is just so fun to see what deals each girl found or their new favorite thing. We got all sorts of swag. One friend could not even come this time but sent and received swag anyway and it was such a hit! 
I made everyone matching shirts (shocker). They designed them and decided on a Thanksgiving theme because we had one big pre-thanksgiving meal on saturday. (Shout out to Mendy who helped me so much with these) IMG_8102
 Here I am trying to hold or wear every item we got. 
Our best group selfie
Posing in this GW trip shirt to show front and back and the pj pants leslie gave.
  IMG_8144 IMG_8161 
It was a great weekend full of fun and relaxation. 
 So thankful for these girls and their families. IMG_8164

I also made the annual turkey shirts for these turkeys. IMG_8216 IMG_8218
Ty's teachers also made their entire class turkey shirts out of their handprint so he wore that one instead. It was such a surprise and so sweet and they were all so cute! We LOVE all our teachers this year at Compass...blessed beyond belief with Ms Diana and Ms Rachel in Ty's class. When you ask him who his friends are at school...he says "eyeana, achel."
 He loves them.
Showing off his turkey shirt and feather hat.
IMG_8118 IMG_8121
Kinley had a Thanksgiving Program and Feast this year. Her class was corn and they were so cute!! She stood on stage next to Arabella because she gets a little stage fright and the teacher told Kinley to just reach over and grab Arabella's hand if she got nervous. What!? Such sweet friends. IMG_8136 Untitled
After the program they had a chicken express thanksgiving feast. I love this pic because of Donna, Guiliana and AG's faces at the end of the table talking to Arabella. AG was a good friend to come up to school on her day off to cheer on her friends. IMG_8124 IMG_8126
IMG_8131 IMG_8139
We went with the Barstads to Dallas the week of Thanksgiving to meet for dinner and visit the Dallas World Aquarium. It is the perfect place for kids. You are just so in the action of all the animals and these 5 kids couldn't get enough. IMG_8190 IMG_8187 where is it sassy?
IMG_8208 IMG_8179
feed the birds
  IMG_8181 IMG_8192
catch a sea turtle!
  IMG_8196 IMG_8198 IMG_8202
cutest underwater fishies i've ever seen
IMG_8204 IMG_8206
these bffs...

Be back very soon with Harrison Thanksgiving pics from the lakehouse! (finally)

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