Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trip to the Ranch

This past weekend we hopped in the car with mom and dad and took a last minute trip to visit Inie and Bull at the Ranch.
These kids were excited to go see their great-grandparents and some 1 photo 2
It was relaxing to hang out and spend time together...and of course eat Inie's good cooking! ranch 18 photo 4 photo 3 photo 5
Kinley and Inie had such a fun time together. They played with Inie's dog together, visited her pond, played with dolls and Kinley insisted that Inie sit next to her in the car at all times.We had a great time exploring the Ranch and the tractors, helping Boss fix tractors, seeing the cows and relaxing in Bull's office.
ranch 8 ranch 6 ranch 9 ranch 5 ranch 3 ranch 2 ranch 2 ranch 1 ranch 1 ranch 11
The land was so beautiful and green with wildflowers everywhere. Made for some pretty pictures of this boy.
Ty at the ranch ranch 4 ranch 3
We got to take the Ranger down to the river bank and had a little walk on the beach with Boss.  Ty loved the ride and open air but, Kinley did not and was counting down the seconds till she could get back in the truck with Inie.
ranch 14 ranch 13 ran ch15
Of course we had to go have some lunch at the Beer Joint. The beer joint is basically just a gas station that makes amazing burgers.
  ranch 16 ranch 17
We had such a fun time and can't wait to go back and visit again!
ranch 19

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kristen said...

i love all of these grandparent and great grandparent visits! and way to go 5am worker outer!! woo hoo linds! youare amazing!!!