Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ty's first haircut

I finally bit the bullet a couple weeks ago and got Ty a haircut. I was so reluctant to do it. He is still just a baby, right!? It takes us forever to grow hair...what if it doesn't grow back for months!? I mean, we let Kinley have a mullet for the longest time because I couldn't bear to cut her hair! But, Ben finally convinced me to stop waiting and just get him a summer haircut. 

 This is us having a donut date that morning, pre-haircut. It is a little crazy.
  IMG_4559 IMG_4557 
He pretty much hates me even attempting to comb his hair at all so I was a little nervous but, he did great!
  IMG_4571 IMG_4569 IMG_4567 
 He did not want to put on the smock at all until after his haircut was completely done and Kinley jumped in the chair after him and put it on.  Within seconds he was back up in his chair and wanting the smock on. He literally wants to copy everything big sister does. 
IMG_4577 IMG_4576 IMG_4575 
What a handsome little man. Stop growing up so fast, ok!?

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