Friday, May 24, 2013

May photo dump

A few more things that have been happening in May that haven't made the blog yet... 

 Most importantly....Rilee and Taylor made their grand entrance on the 6th. They are big, for twins, gorgeous and after just a couple hiccups are both home and thriving. 
 I love, love, loved having them born at a hospital so close to our house. We were there at least 3 times that week and I am dying to get my hands on them and see them again soon. Amy and Danny are amazing parents already and I can't wait to see all God has in store for this precious family. 

This is Ty in the window of the waiting room of the hospital. The kids did great for waiting about 3 1/2 hours during dinner time...but, we couldn't help but be a little crazy.
This was our first glimpse of them the night they were born as they wheeled by from the operating room to their hospital room. I love that they are both in one bed and how tiny they look. IMG_4546 A day is Sweet Taylor
Precious Rilee
Practicing my two baby hold. I hope I can babysit soon!IMG_4555 Mom's turn... 
Ben's turn...

Also in May.... 
These crazies are playing together more and more everyday and I just love it. They laugh, play pretend, hide and seek, follow each other around, dress up, paint, color, you name it. So much fun. Here they are just goofing around in pj's one morning.
I think this is a tupperware full of dog food that Kinley is trying to balance on Ty's head...and he is letting her.
Nice shades... 

 Playgroup has been very chill and lots of fun in May. Undoubtedly we are either in water or princess dresses at all times.
  playgroup 2 playgroup 3 playgroup playgroup 4 IMG_4538 IMG_4540 IMG_4541 princess primping

This guy...stealing my heart with that smile and in some Aggie gear... IMG_3448 
and how hilarious that he fell asleep like this on the couch one day. I think he is growing and just tired sometimes! But, he looks so long here! 
ty asleep
Kinley had a little girl time one day and went to enjoy a cupcake. Pretty eyes.

 She has also been able for the last couple months to help Honey and Boss do their Sam's run for church. Basically, they pick up a truck full of food from Sam's once a month and take it to the church for distribution to local kids who get most of their meals at school during the week but need food at home during the weekend. I love how they are leaving a legacy of service for Kinley. It is something special they do together and I am sure Ty will help do when he is older. Kinley loves helping pick up and load and unload the boxes of food.
  sams3 sams2 sams1 

 We got to go cheer on Mav and Coach Ross at a Mudcats blast ball game one Saturday. It was so cute to see all those little guys batting and "fielding." Kinley apologized that she forgot her pom-poms and promised she would bring them next time. 
IMG_4592 IMG_4595
I feel like this is a very picture of the future...learning, watching, practicing, playing baseball. :) I love it. 
And you can't end a baseball game without snow cones! 
Poor Ty...where is his!? 
IMG_4597 IMG_4600 IMG_4599 
Ben and I even got a date night out for a wedding. Is he not totally better-looking every single year!?
We are super excited school is out for summer!  Bring on more free time, sun, water, vacation and fun!

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