Monday, April 22, 2013

Playgroup pics & Zoo trip

I just thought I would post some pics of what a typical playgroup is like. It tends to be somewhat chaotic with 12..going on 13 kids...but, it is always a good time.  To try to keep all the kids together is quite an experience.
Sometimes we require the buddy system, sometimes we all hold hands, sometimes we require the "big" kids to hold on to strollers, sometimes we form trains. We try to get creative to keep them from just thinking we are nagging them. Its much harder to lose 8 kids in a row holding hands than one running off ahead of the pack.
Here are some pics of a playgroup day at the mall before Easter. mall 2 mall 3 mall 4 We happened upon the Easter bunny which was a thrill for all kids except Kinley who was terrified of the bunny with the big head and sat it out with Maverick's bear, Max. She said Max was a little scared so she needed to hold him away from the Easter bunny. mall 5
I mean look how excited Arabella and Parker are...where is Kinley???
mall 9 mall 8 mall 15 mall 14
There is a tiny play area (that's really pretty boring) and this tiny carousel at the mall. But, they don't care...they just like to all be together. When there are only 3 seats, everyone else just piles on and stands and sits around the seats and we do it over and over until everyone has had a turn to sit down. mall 10 mall 11 mall 12 Time to go... Mall 13
For Kinley's birthday Pops and Gram gave her, Ben and I Ft. Worth Zoo memberships! We already had a date set to go with playgroup and we were so excited to use them. The weather was beautiful. I am excited for sunny, spring days. The weather has been so all over the place will be nice for a few days and then a cold front will come back through and we are in sweaters and scarves again. But, we hit the zoo on a good day.
  IMG_4332 IMG_4328
It is always fun to try to get group pics on playgroup outings. It is never successful...but, we give it a good try.IMG_4346 Love Linds trying to get Mav in there... IMG_4350 IMG_4348 IMG_4343 IMG_4339 IMG_4326
We really loved this elephant because it was missing a tooth. Apparently before they brought it to the zoo one of its tusks was broken in half and the elephant dentist had to pull it just like Kinley had hers pulled.
We had to have a photo op with a big toothless grin.
Apparently, I had never been to the "play area" at the zoo. It was like a whole new world to my kids. I don't know how we missed it before!
zoo 1 zoo 2
these boys are too much... IMG_4356
We have lots of fun playgroup outings planned over the next couple months. We will probably be outside a lot before the summer gets too hot and we have our fill of indoor play areas!  

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Allison said...

What a fun group of kids! I love that Kinley is always in her boots. It has been McKenna's new thing too lately and I just love it so much! Can't wait to get those cowgirls together soon!