Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gymnastics Show Off

Last week was Kinley's gymnastics show off for the year to showcase all she has learned in gymnastics this year.
Like an awesome mom, I didn't go....actually Alison and I had to sing at a women's event at church so both Kinley and Aslynn had their daddies take them. It was fun for Ben to see all she has learned this year and Kinley loved having him come to watch. Ty, Honey and Pops went also, so I was not missed and she had quite the cheering section.
Fortunately, mom took tons of pics for me! IMG_3561 IMG_3488 Here she is before she left showing off her leotard and striking an unrelated to gymnastics yoga pose. IMG_3453 I think that waiting for it to start and the entire show off was a little long for Ty to wait so he just decided to jump out on the floor too. He has been fighting all year to get out of the waiting room and through those doors so he just couldn't be held back. I have a video of me doing my gymnastics show off in this exact location that my mom put on DVD for me for my 30th birthday and there is video of Bart walking out on the floor too...so, Ty was in good company.
IMG_3458 IMG_3456 IMG_3557 IMG_3553
Here she is doing some trampoline and running back to the front.
I wish this pic wasn't blurry because this smile is priceless!
IMG_3518 IMG_3524
Her sweet friends Tatum and Aslynn with her on the uneven bars. Kinley told me up front she was not going to flip on the bar because it sometimes hurts her chin...but, I guess she changed her mind because there she goes!
IMG_3471 IMG_3474 IMG_3482
Here are Kinley and Aslynn on the beam. They love the beam, especially the really low one they can walk on without help.
  IMG_3494 IMG_3504
They learn cartwheels by moving putting their hands and feet in and out of a hula hoop....let's just say neither hula-hooping or the cartwheel are Kinley's best gymnastics moves...unlike Tatum who is awesome at hula-hooping.
IMG_3537 IMG_3533
Finally....what she waited and waited for...getting her medal on the podium.
So excited to show off her medal.
IMG_3563 IMG_3562 IMG_3567 Showing it to Ty.
What a fun year of gymnastics we have had! I hope we can all keep it up again next fall and maybe Ty and all the younger brothers can join in...we are still in discussion about what activity she wants to do most after the summer is over.  We will see!

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