Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Roomie Reunion (& Baby Bibs)

Last weekend Kristen and I had the most fun weekend visiting our sweet college roomie, Lindsay Barry. We get to talk to Linds on the phone some and keep up with her life that way...but, we never get to see her! Right now she lives in West Lafayette, Indiana where her super-smart hubby is a professor at Purdue. For Linds' birthday Feb 3 her fantastic hubby Adam flew Kristen and I in town to surprise Linds. She can be very sneaky in trying to uncover surprises so, we were all thrilled when we walked off the plane and she had NO idea it would be us! It was a super relaxing, snowed-in weekend where we just sat and talked. One day we literally sat on the couch from 10 - 3:30 and just talked the whole time.

I just adore Lindsay and just being around her for one weekend made me miss her terribly. She is so easy to talk to and so relatable and it felt like it had been minutes since we lived together...not years. I miss her already! We did not take any pictures while we were finally at the airport on the way home, we finally got one of the three of us and her and Adam and Linds' baby belly!
Lindsay is having a girl in June and we talked all weekend about possible names and nursery options and just what being a mama is like. It was so much fun. Kris and I decided we wanted to make Lindsay some stuff to bring her so, Kristen made her some adorable crochet baby hats and leg warmers (kind of like these) and I, of course, I made her a circle scarf..white and pink for having a girl! Then, I decided to make her some bibs. My favorite bibs Kinley ever got were these cute cloth bibs with chenille fabric on the back. They are soft and washable and adorable. So, I decided to make a pattern after those and make Linds some bibs. I picked lots of different patterns because I didn't know if Linds like bright or soft colors...and since you never wear them all together, they could be all different.
Kinley wanted to model one.
It was so much fun visiting Linds and we can't WAIT for baby girl Barry to get here!!!!

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Honey said...

You girls are still beautiful! And that bib model is gorgeous!!!!