Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl 2011

We hope everyone had a great night last night watching the Super Bowl! It has been so crazy having the big game in town this year. I am not sure what they are going to talk about on the news now that they are not preparing in Dallas and Ft. Worth for all the football fans. The game was exciting...and how about that half time show!?!!....I just LOVED it. I can only imagine how cool it was from inside the stadium.

We had a small group of people over for the game and had a great time just hanging out, eating and cheering on the teams. We all get together almost every Sunday and I wanted this one to seem a little bit different so, I was a huge dork and made my kitchen table into a football field. I just got a green table cloth from Wal-Mart and used white paper to make the end zones and hot glued dowel rods together for the field goal posts. The whole thing took about 10 minutes and cost about $, cheesy as it is, it was worth it. Everyone pretty much brought appetizers and drinks and we got a brisket for dinner and we had WAY too much...really good food.
Of course, the fan favorite was what we call 'Nutella Footballs.' It is just Nutella wrapped in crescent rolls and sprinkled in powdered sugar. We make them for football games and they kinda look like, hence the name. So easy...and painstakingly delicious!
No one that came was a die hard Steelers or Packers, to keep us all interested, we decided to all put $5 in a pot and bet on what team would win and by how much. We drew numbers and then one by one made our picks. It was pretty fun and in the end lucky Joe was the winner and $50 richer. Since he is a daddy in like 4 weeks, it should go toward something amazing for his very preggo wife, Emily, or for a gift for baby Isaac :-)
Overall, it was a really chill, relaxed and fun night. Lots of eating and football watching....except for Kinley who just ran around like crazy, read lots of books and watched Dora.
Picnik collage
Maybe we can get the Cowboys in the playoffs next year!

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Camila said...

I love the football field table! It's ok to be cheesy for this Super Bowl since Green Bay was in it. Get it? Wisconsin....cheesy....ok not funny. Love the idea of nutella crescent rolls! Will have to try those!