Friday, February 4, 2011

snow days

This week we have had a lot of snow days and have been inside a LOT! It was not the fun kind of snow that Kinley could play in...just VERY cold, totally frozen ice. The highs were in the low 20s. School was cancelled for three days in a row. I cannot remember another time like this in my lifetime. Our house is a wreck because we have been inside just trying to stay occupied. Kinley has been so sweet and has been great at staying entertained and playing by herself.

My solid ice front porch...this is totally covered from weather and still was frozen with ice. We usually have a step there and it was gone...just one level of ice to get out of the front door.
The backyard was covered in snow...all of our furniture and Kinley's toys. The wind even blew so hard our rot iron gate came off our fence.
Kinley loved looking at the snow...she says "mama...know!...know!"
And this is her singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." She does all kinds of adorable hand motions.
Lots of fun for the snow days...but, I can't wait for spring!!

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Camila said...

Yikes! Looks COLD! And I thought we had it bad here but it's in the 30s so just rain and no snow/ice. Stay warm! XOXO