Thursday, December 3, 2009

what a trick!

We have these chairs at my house that are REALLY old. I think they were my great-grandmother's. My mom used to have this table and chairs and now Ben and I have it in our house. The seats of the chairs basically come completely out and we recover them like every year or so to match whatever decor we choose. I keep one in my bathroom vanity and was using it today as a step stool in my closet to get a sweatshirt off the top rack. Well, I walked out of the room for one minute and when I came back in...this is what Kinley had done.
12.2.09 060
12.2.09 062
I love this face!
12.2.09 063
12.2.09 064
What a trickster!


Camila said...

HA! Her face in the second pic is priceless!! Can't wait to see ya'll!!

Allison said...

That is the BEST face ever!!