Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CHHS girls gift exhange

We had such a fantastic night on Monday and had a few girls over for a CHHS Class of 2000 girls reunion of sort! It was a blast to get to see everyone even for just one night. We had drinks, enough food to feed an army, and a fantastic gift exchange! We have to make it a yearly thing!
12.22.09 038
12.22.09 039
Me and Katy
12.22.09 040
Al and Kris
12.22.09 042
Blair, Nina and Kristen...isn't Kristen's scarf fantastic! She knitted it herself! My friends are so creative!
12.22.09 043
Lauryn and Amy....Amy was thrilled with her gift exchange spoils!
12.22.09 044
Meredith and Hollie
12.22.09 046
12.22.09 047
Kinley had to drop in at the end of the night because she was a little fussy and tired. Teething is painful!


kristen said...

i just love this. it was just so fantastic!! i love all those girls!! we gotta do it every holiday!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Linds! Your blog is so cute, and you all look great! It looks like you guys had a blast - I wish I could have been there. Take care and have a great Christmas!

Liz Leddy