Wednesday, December 23, 2009

kinley's best friends!

Monday afternoon we spent a fantastic afternoon with all of Kinley's best friends at the church! We played in the cube, on the outdoor playground, and around the fountain. It was so fun to have all of Kinley's friends together! It does not happen we made sure to treasure every moment. Kristen bought the most adorable shirts for the babies and we just can't wait to wear them over and over!
The lineup of kiddos (in age order)!
12.22.09 020
Slide time! Everyone but Kinley could do this slide all by themselves!!
12.22.09 021
12.22.09 027
Kinley was slightly traumatized by the big, Kristen was making her feel better!
12.22.09 028
Ben is chilling out!
12.22.09 029
12.22.09 030
Sassy kept having to walk away to have an important phone call....we were a little to loud for her!
12.22.09 035
I think this is the best group shot we got...I love Ella's face! See some outtakes below and try to look through the fountain for Avery...she is too big to be in this baby picture!!
group shot
This was so much fun! I can't wait to do it again!

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kristen said...

soooooo cute!!! i love all the pics! i love all the christmas pics too and the RV!! just fantastic. cant wait to hear about everything!!! and to go to the cube again!! loved it.