Sunday, December 13, 2009

Catch Up...

It has been a while since I last updated because our computer has been out of commission! Something about our AC adapter not working...and since we now only have one computer after relinquishing my laptop to PwC...we are totally in the dark ages with no computer! I totally have missed the blogging, I am blogging today from my parents house!

A quick update over the last 10 days: Kinley is standing up on her own now! I can't believe she has gotten so big so fast.
I went to Lubbock for Kristen's suprise birthday party! See their blog for the pics:lullaby lubbock That was the first night I had ever been away from Kinley overnight. She did fantastic with Ben and slept all night for him! Yay!

Kinley started clapping too! Now when we say Patty-cake, Patty-cake she starts clapping.
Kinley went to see Santa and it was hilarious! She was not scared of him. She just looked at him and took it all in. But, there was NO way she was going to smile. He was just the jolliest Santa with the sweetest face and demeanor...I mean, he could have been the REAL Santa. But, she was not about to smile....Sorta looks like a mug-shot.
One really special thing we did this week was that we went to see Momma Gay and Pepa! Momma Gay was very excited to give Kinley an early Christmas present and so we went with Honey to see them!
This is a stuffed Santa at Momma Gay and Pepa's house that is as big as Kinley!IMG_0919IMG_0921
Of course the gift bag goes straight to the mouth!
Must not have tasted good.
So sweet Pepa!
The ornament on our tree!
Hope your 10 days was fantastic too!


kristen said...

that mug shot is soooo hilarious!!! love her!! she is too stinkin much.

Allison said...

The santa picture really is so funny! She looks so cute standing up in her uggs! Can't wait to see yall so soon!!!