Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Etsy purchases

I was so excited this Christmas that I found some fabulous gifts on Etsy! I am kinda new to Etsy, so I was a little overwhelmed at first about how to search for things. But, I just love everything I bought! It is all handmade and personal and just fabulous!

I bought these personalized baby blocks for all the new babies in the Howe family. I got to request fabrics and try to match the babies nurseries or favorite things. I loved how they turned out! If you want some of these take a look at Spotted Whale on Etsy.

I also bought this awesome turquoise magazine holder for Mendy. I just loved it! I think it is so cute for a new apartment or house or something and even cooler if your name starts with an 'M!' If you want one of these you can get one from paperdollwoodshop!
12.16.09 108


kristen said...

love those blocks!! i have to get some. and the m is so cute! she will love it. what a good shopper!!

Allison said...

I love all of them! We can so make them now!!! How fun!