Sunday, December 20, 2009

chuck e cheese

Friday night, Ben got home from work and decided that we MUST go to Chuck E Cheese. I try to reasonably tell him that Kinley is a little too young for that...however, he insists that Chuck E Cheese is where we must go and order pizza and beer and play lots of games. So, trying to be a fantastic wife, I decide to please him and pack up Kinley and head on over. We had our friends Matt, Jen and Eden meet us. I was pretty sure we would not be able to get anyone to go with us...but, they gladly agreed! We had a blast! Even if Kinley could not do much but stare at all the lights and kids run around....the adults LOVED it!

However, I must say that I have not been there in like 15 years an it was not quite the jewel I remember from my past. First off, there is no longer a ball pit which was a tragedy for our little ones. Second, no more pitchers of beer for the adults...only by the glass. Third, the "show" with Chuck E and his friends is not really there anymore and those stuffed mascots were just not the allure I remember.....maybe because I am not 10 anymore.

Still...we had so much fun and will have to go again....maybe in a year or so.

MISC 110
This is pretty much the only thing the girls could do....this ride takes pictures and prints them seen below:
12.19.09 017
Jen and I tried to get our pic made too..but, apparently we were not the right size:
12.19.09 015
MISC 108
Matt carrying Eden around
MISC 111
Ben...super excited about the hunting game!
MISC 115
We won 201 tickets and these are our prizes....2 suckers, a spoon, a crazy straw, a slinky, alphabet puzzle stickers, and 2 friendship bracelets. You can see through the glass the fake vomit that the boys really wanted to spend 200 tickets on.
MISC 114
Awe...sweet friends. Let's go to Chuck E Cheese again!!


Honey said...

Oh I have such sweet memories of good ol' Chucky Cheese! You were so scared of the gorgilla in the band.

Honey said...


Allison said...

I have tons of pics of Ella in that same car, thats the only thing she could do there too. Gotta love Chucky Cheese! I can't wait till Ella does too!