Thursday, December 24, 2015

Nursing Home Ornament Delivery

One of my FAVORITE service projects we do with playgroup each year is the nursing home ornament delivery at Christmas time. 
 It is just the sweetest time and our kids all LOVE it and remember it and ask for it each year. 
 Buddy Snowflake brought us some ornaments to make and Kinley, Ty and I had a great time crafting them together.
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We delivered them on a warm, beautiful day in December. 
 We arrived a little on the early side and delivered as many as we could to sweet people walking around, in the beauty shop or the rec rooms but, we had to wait a little on the lunch crowd.
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In the meantime we busied ourselves with singing Christmas carols. 
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Apparently Jingle Bells was not OK to sing. SR wanted to sing STAR WARS! :) 
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Ty decided to bust out his own jams on the keyboard. 
Thankfully it wasn't plugged in. 
 This picture cracks me up. He has no idea what he's "playing" and Maddi has no idea how to read. 
 But, they sure look cute. 
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Lunchtime ornament delivery
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Group pic
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Can't wait till next year!

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