Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

We had had Joyner family Christmas during the day on Christmas Eve. 
 It was our first time in many years to get together with the Joyners on an actual holiday and it was so fun especially with these cuties in their matching pjs. 
Christmas Eve Christmas Eve Christmas Eve 
Pre-church selfie
Christmas Eve 

We all went to mom and dad's church for Christmas Eve and it was so sweet and special. We went to the children's service because of all our littles and right when we walked in Kinley saw kids dressing in costume. 
 She also found out they would be performing a couple Christmas songs for the service. Well, give this girl even a chance to perform and she jumped on it. 
 She dressed in an angel costume so fast and went right up in front of the church to sing with those kids like she had practiced with them. 
 At our church Christmas Eve service is much tougher to get in to.  You have to be invited, or a child of a staff member and do multiple rehearsals, etc.  Kinley knows lots of the kids that do our Christmas Eve service and she loved watching them but, it was so fun that she could just jump right in and perform and she loved it. 
Christmas Eve Christmas Eve 
Both Kinley, Ty, Rilee and Taylor all went down for the children's story time.
  Christmas Eve 
Easton was a perfect angel the whole service. 
Christmas Eve 
 We all lit candles and sang silent night. 
Christmas Eve 
We followed up church with our favorite Howe family Christmas Eve tradition - 
  Christmas Eve 
It's always our Christmas Eve dinner after candlelight service.
 Sandy's first time to join and coincidentally, first time to ever eat Waffle House. 
 We are always bringing the classy.
  Christmas Eve 
But for real, it is truly so fun.
 It's never busy and the precious staff that works Christmas Eve is just so sweet. 
 And who doesn't want breakfast for dinner before Santa comes? 
Christmas Eve Christmas Eve 
We all went back to Honey & Boss' house to sleep over for Christmas Eve. 
 It was so fun to have everyone under one roof! We put the kids to bed and all the adults stayed up way too late just talking and hanging out. 
 We decided to open all our presents so it wouldn't be so chaotic the next morning and we just took our time and laughed and enjoyed adult time. 
 I hope we do this again! 
 It was a blast.

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