Thursday, December 10, 2015


Cannot tell you how much I love cousins. 
My cousins, all of them, are like my best friends. We are very close. 
Outsiders may find it weird but it's all I know. 
I am so, so thrilled that my kids will have cousins close. 

 Dylan and Anson being 33 days apart is a dream and it's only the beginning. I know we have many more cousins to come. 

Stop for a quick second and look at how CUTE these pics are of Anson and Dylan. 
My mom had both boys for a little bit one Thursday and send Olivia and I these pics. 

Dylan: "Have some goldfish, cousin"
 More December More December More December 
Anson: "More please!"
 More December 
 I die.  Can they get any cuter??
Big Brother had to hop in one pic too. IMG_5521

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Olivia Howe said...

I'm dying. I really can't look at these and not smile. They could not be any cuter. Looking forward to years and years of memories with these two.