Tuesday, December 29, 2015

More December fun

A little more December holiday and celebration fun!

Buddy Snowflake told us to go get hot chocolate and see the Texas Night Before Christmas lights. We probably drove thru this neighborhood no less than 5 times during the course of December.
 One time we ended up throwing the idea out there to a couple friends and tons of people met us and decided to go with us! 
 We met up at Starbucks, grabbed our hot chocolate, and caravaned to the neighborhood. Then all the kids piled into the back of Ben's truck to ride and look at lights together. Maddi is pointing out one of our favorites, the Santa T-Rex. 
Who has seen one of those? Texas Night Before Christmas Lights 
John Wyatt made his debut and Kinley got to see him for the first time. 
 Sweet big sisters. 
Texas Night Before Christmas Lights 
Sweet pic of AR and Giuliana walking around with Dylan and Camdyn and Tatum holding hands
  Texas Night Before Christmas Lights 
Dylan, king of selfies
  Texas Night Before Christmas Lights 
AR pretended to be Mrs. Claus 
Texas Night Before Christmas Lights
My TyTy
  Texas Night Before Christmas Lights 
All three...never all looking 
Texas Night Before Christmas Lights 
Group kid pic at the house with crazy lights 
Texas Night Before Christmas Lights 

 Buddy Snowflake hid out in the pantry one day and told us to bake Christmas cookies. Luckily Gram had all the stuff ready to go and wanted to bake cookies too! 
 So everyone came over for a baking session. 
IMG_5446 IMG_5447 IMG_5448 
Always need help from a T Rex 
We discovered PieFace and like everyone else, we loved it. 
 My kids don't really play by the rules, they just click it until they get hit in the face. 
We went to the Gaylord one on a whim with the Nordells. 
 We ate dinner and just walked around to look at all the Christmas decorations.
  Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled 
 Dylan will just hate one day seeing how many pretty girls held his hand everywhere he went.
Family pics in the sleigh. 
Untitled Untitled Untitled 
We sat outside by the fire for a while and just let the kids run around and play. 
 It was so relaxing.
  Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Third year in a row for playgroup couples Christmas dinner. 
 This time we got smart and catered at the Lindsey's instead of all being around a long table at a restaurant. 
 We played catchphrase and ate and it was a blast.
  More december 
Who knows why we put Ross in charge of pictures??? 
I couldn't stop laughing. 
More december More december More december More december 
He did take one decent one of the girls. 
 Missing Leslie who stayed home with JW who was just out of the hospital. 
More december 

December days were so beautiful and unseasonably warm! 
 We enjoyed many days outside. 
 We love having Jaymes around the corner to come over and play as much as possible. I love this because it was one of the rare occasions Kinley actually played in her dress up clothes. She hardly ever does that now. 
More december More december 
We went to see Madeline Christmas at Arties and Leslie and I got random seats and were split from the big kids. 
 We had JW and Dylan with us across the stage from them. 
 But it was a cute picture to snap of them all sitting front row so sweetly and interested on their own. It actually lasted most of the show! 
More december 

We played a couple nights of Pinochle with Mendy and Alex over Christmas break and busted out the selfie stick. 
More december 

We celebrated David's 60th with a big bash. 
 We had a fantastic date night at the hangar with friends, family and special guest performer, Lyle Lovett! 
 The night was fabulous and oh so much fun. 
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled 
Shea Shea turned 2 on the 23rd with the cutest Elf-themed party ever. 
More december More december 
And even though it was never cold enough, I made Ben put on the fire just so we could curl up and watch it burn in a quiet house. 
More december
December, you were good to us.

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